Are Darker Cannabis Seeds Better?

Are Darker cannabis seeds better

Having to decide whether to choose darker or lighter cannabis seeds can be a very frustrating task, particularly if you have a very limited budget. There are many factors to consider when you are looking to buy seeds, including germination rates, storage and even the gender of the plant. It can be a daunting task to choose from among all the options, but in the end, it is all about what suits your needs. Luckily, with the internet and various resources at your disposal, you can find the best marijuana seeds to suit your taste and pocket.

White weed seeds exist

In the world of cannabis, there are two kinds of seeds: feminized and non-feminized. Feminized cannabis seeds can be cultivated in conjunction with regular seeds to create female plants. However, there are also non-feminized autoflowering cannabis seeds.

The germination rate of seeds depends on the type of seed, the quality, and the environment. Seeds that have a softer shell may have a faster germination rate. This means that it can be easier to grow these types of seeds.

Some growers have used the same technique for decades. Others are still experimenting with this. Depending on the genetics of the seeds, it is possible to get a pure white plant.

Although there are some strains that produce only white seeds, a white plant can be created from any of the strains. There are no guarantees though. While white cannabis plants do not have the energy to produce much THC or CBD, they are healthy and easy to grow.

White weed seeds have been misunderstood online. They have been attributed to powdery mildew, but they are not actually albino. These are a result of the cross-breeding of different strains.

It is important to know what kind of seed you are trying to plant. Some of the most popular seeds in the marijuana industry are feminized, autoflowering, and regular. You can find these seeds in most dispensaries.

Before you decide on a particular seed, it is a good idea to learn about its properties and its uses. Some of the common traits of cannabis seeds include their size and shape.

When you are ready to plant your cannabis seeds, you must make sure that you store them in a sealed plastic bag in your refrigerator. This will help you to mimic the germination process.

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Male vs female

Identifying whether or not your cannabis seed is male or female is essential for a successful grow. But identifying the sex of your plants at a young stage can be difficult. Luckily, there are some common signs to look out for.

The first thing you should do when determining the sex of your plant is to observe its shape. Most seeds have a rounded, flat shape. However, some seeds have a crater-like impression, which is not uniform.

If your cannabis seed has a rounded, flat shape, then you are looking at a female seed. On the other hand, if it has a misshapen depression, then you are looking at a male seed.

You may also notice fine white hairs on the pistils. These hairs are part of the flower’s stigma. They are designed to capture pollen.

Another telltale sign of a female flower is the presence of a small teardrop shaped calyx. This is the first part of a flower to develop. After the calyx has grown, the pistils will begin to grow. In addition, the calyx will have two white hairs emerging from the tip.

You may also have noticed that the buds of your plant are not fully closed. This is the result of pollination. During pollination, the calyx will lose its sex characteristics. For this reason, it is a good idea to avoid pollinating your plant.

A good rule of thumb is to assume that your plant is about 50 percent male and 50 percent female. Alternatively, you can purchase feminized cannabis seeds, which are guaranteed to produce only female plants.

When you start to grow your cannabis seeds, you may need to wait for a few weeks before you can determine the sex of your plants. There are other ways to detect the sex of your seed, though.

Float test

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to determine the quality of your marijuana seeds, the float test is a great way to do so. It’s easy to do, inexpensive, and will tell you whether your cannabis seed is healthy.

The float test involves placing your seeds in a cup of warm distilled water. Leave it for a few hours, and the seeds will float to the bottom. This is an indicator of germination.

Float tests are not only useful when testing the viability of your cannabis seeds, but they can also help you prune your plant. For example, seeds that sink quickly are likely to grow. On the other hand, seeds that do not sink are probably non-viable.

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There are other ways to determine the health of your marijuana seeds, such as checking the waxy coating on their shells. Another great way is to feel them. A shiny seed is a sign of good quality, while a seed with a crumbly coat is a sign of poor quality.

When you’re buying cannabis seeds, you want to know for sure that they’re of the highest quality. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a commercial grower, you’ll need to invest in top-quality seeds. That means you’ll need a reliable source to get them. And that can be tricky.

Generally, seeds that are round and dark brown will be of better quality than those that are flat and light colored. They should also have a waxy coating and a light shine. However, the best indicator of seed quality is germination.

In a float test, seeds will float to the bottom after about two hours. After that, they’ll start to sink. Seeds that sink and float at the same time are good, but seeds that sink only after a few hours are not.

Germination rates

If you are planning on growing your own cannabis plants, it is essential to give them the best start. This involves giving them the proper germination rates. While the actual germination rate varies from seed to seed, some common factors are important.

First, check the quality of your seeds. Poor quality seeds will lead to weaker plants.

Second, choose the right type of growing medium. A well drained soil is ideal for cannabis. Ideally, you should try to provide the plant with as much moisture as it needs.

The best germination rates can be obtained when you provide a medium with a moderate temperature and high humidity. Ideally, your medium should be kept at 26-28oC and maintained at a relative humidity of at least 70%.

You can achieve this by using a humidity dome. However, this is only one way to create a humid environment. Another method is by soaking the seeds in water. Some growers soak the seeds for a day or two before planting.

Lastly, give your plants the best lighting conditions. Light is an essential factor in healthy growth. Generally, you can get away with fluorescent lights for the first few weeks. When your cannabis plants have finished their initial growth phase, switch to full-intensity light.

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Germination rates of cannabis seeds will vary depending on the morphological features of the seed. White seeds usually have lower germination rates than dark seeds. Similarly, some seeds may only germinate when the soil is cool.

Lastly, the right time to plant is crucial. Once the seedlings have grown 3mm tall, you should transfer them to the final growing medium.


The best place to store cannabis seeds is in a cool, dark cupboard. In addition, seeds should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Keeping them in an airtight container with a desiccant pack can help keep them in their best condition.

You can buy vacuum sealed containers online. However, you can also use plastic bags and mason jars. If you choose a container, be sure it’s airtight and contains a rubber stopper. Plastic lids can let in small amounts of moisture over time.

A good way to preserve seeds is to use a glass jar. Glass jars are airtight and heatproof. This is a good choice for both long-term and short-term storage.

Another option for long-term storage is to use an envelope. These packets are airtight, thick enough to protect seeds from light, and they can hold up to a year’s worth of seed packets. They are great for keeping track of seed details.

If you plan to store your seeds for a long period of time, it’s recommended that you purchase a vacuum-sealed container. This type of package is more likely to survive a long period of storage than an envelope.

You can also store your seeds in the freezer. However, the freezing process can destroy the seeds’ viability. Therefore, they should be stored as far back in the freezer as possible.

Seeds should be kept in an environment with 20-30% humidity. High relative humidity can ignite germination.

You should store your seeds in a clean and dry storage space. This will help avoid pests and insects from destroying your seeds.

Using an envelope is a good idea if you’re storing small quantities of seeds over a short period of time. It can help you keep track of the exact date you stored the seeds, and it can be reused.

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