What Is Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

What Is Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

If you are a novice at growing marijuana, you may be wondering what the difference between autoflowering and regular strains is. Here we’ll discuss the differences between these two types of seeds and the advantages they each offer. What’s more, we’ll also touch on the different types of autoflowers, including feminized, fast-growing, low-yielding, and pest-resistant varieties.


When growing cannabis, the choice between feminized and autoflowering seeds is often a crucial one. Feminized seeds are typically the best option for maximum yield and potency, while autoflowering cannabis seeds are the easiest way to maximize yield. Your growing environment will also play an important role in which type of seed you choose. Indoors and outdoors grows are fundamentally different. Autoflowering cannabis seeds are easier to grow and require no light schedule to grow.

When choosing autoflowering cannabis seeds, make sure you choose those with no male genetics. Regular cannabis seeds will produce either a male or female plant. Regular cannabis seeds aren’t feminized but are perfectly capable of producing both sexes. This means that they’re unsuitable for average growers. Regular cannabis seeds will produce a male and female plant, which means they’re less useful for indoor and outdoor growing. Despite their low prices, autoflowering cannabis seeds are an excellent choice for growing marijuana.

While autoflowering seeds are the easiest and most affordable choice for novice growers, feminized seeds are also ideal for seasoned marijuana growers. This means less attention on your part and a faster harvest. While autoflower seeds are easier to grow and yield more marijuana, they don’t produce male plants, and feminized seeds don’t yield smokeable weed. Typically, autoflowers produce bigger plants with better yields. In addition, feminized cannabis is often more potent than its autoflowering cousin.

Resistant to pests

Insects and diseases are inevitable in a garden. Planting pest resistant cannabis seeds minimizes your stress. You can take a variety of measures to protect your plants from pests, including applying an organic pesticide. But the best way to ensure that your plants are pest-free is to grow your cannabis from pest resistant seeds. These seeds contain strong odor-flavored ingredients that pests dislike and won’t come near.

The oils of these seeds will be effective against small soft-bodied insects like aphids. They are also effective against spider mites, mealybugs, and white flies. These plants also don’t bother ladybugs, bees, or caterpillars. Neem-based plants also have protective properties, making them resistant to fungi and diseases. This is important when growing cannabis because it can lead to crop failure.

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Some cannabis seeds are resistant to mold and pests. Choosing a strain that is mold and mildew-resistant is a good option if you grow your plants outdoors. Besides avoiding the rainy season, you should grow cannabis seeds that resist bud rot. They can outgrow bad weather and yield high crops. This way, you can maximize yields and avoid losses. You can use the seeds in your garden for indoor and outdoor growing.


If you’re a beginner to growing marijuana, autoflowering cannabis seeds are an excellent choice. Autoflowering cannabis plants are easy to grow and can be harvested within two months. Autoflowering cannabis seeds are perfect for those who are looking for a set-it-and-forget-it grow. Leafly offers marijuana growing guides for the most popular autoflowering strains. Fast Buds’ latest strain line-up includes crosses of traditional West Coast strains with new and popular cultivars. The result is an incredible selection of fast-flowering autoflower cannabis seeds that will provide a great yield.

The benefits of autoflowering cannabis seeds are numerous. First, they’re compact. Most autoflowering seeds are small and can grow in a balcony or a small closet. Second, autoflowering cannabis seeds are faster-growing than other strains, with some strains ready to harvest in less than two months. This means that you can save precious space and still reap the rewards. Then, when the plants are mature, you can reap the benefits of a larger crop faster than ever.

Fast-growing autoflower seeds are a great way to save money and get an extra crop. Some strains are known to be more prolific than others. For example, Speed Auto by Sweet Seeds is one of the fastest-growing autoflower seeds. It can be harvested in seven weeks from germination. It is a hybrid of Critical Mass and Speed Devil #2 Auto genetics, bred for flavour and potency. A single plant will produce up to 150 grams of weed.


Whether you are a recreational stoner or a medical marijuana patient, low-yielding autoflowering cannabis plants are an excellent choice. These plants are autoflowering, meaning they flower without the need for a photoperiod. The ruderalis genome, which originated in barren Russian lands, is known for its excellent resistance to cold, pests, and diseases. Autoflowering cannabis plants produce more CBD than the photoperiod varieties, which makes them better for the medicinal use of marijuana. Although autoflowering marijuana plants have a shorter lifecycle than their photoperiod counterparts, they do produce vigorously.

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Low-yielding autoflowering marijuana seeds are not for everyone, though. Some autoflowering strains can be difficult to grow and can cause severe damage to your plants. Others require more attention than regular cannabis seeds, such as Sour Diesel Auto, which is very sensitive to mildew and requires powerful lights. While autoflowering cannabis seeds are geared towards inexperienced growers, many experienced marijuana enthusiasts enjoy the convenience of autoflowering strains.

For beginner growers and grow rooms that are limited by space, low-yielding cannabis seeds can be a great option. A popular Sativa strain, Dubble Bubble Feminised produces dense buds with high levels of resin. When smoked, this strain delivers a heady, uplifting high. Its pungent, sweet taste and citrus aroma are both soothing and refreshing. This strain can also help alleviate stress and pain.

Less picky about light

In general, autoflowering cannabis seeds require less light than their sativa counterparts. But, this doesn’t mean that they don’t need enough light. The amount of light your autoflowering cannabis seeds need depends on your local climate. While autoflowers can tolerate a sudden change in light levels, they aren’t as hardy in freezing temperatures. As a result, they can only be harvested four or five times a year in favourable climates.

If you’re an inexperienced grower, autoflowering cannabis seeds are a great option. They don’t require artificial light, so they’re less likely to die due to a lack of light. They also grow faster, so you’ll reap more rewards. Autoflowering cannabis seeds are also less picky about light than photoperiod varieties. Because they can grow without light, they’re perfect for beginners.

In general, autoflowering cannabis seeds are more tolerant of light than other strains. That means they don’t require as much light as their inbred cousins. This means that autoflowering marijuana seeds don’t require special light conditions. And they’re ready to harvest much faster. Beginners will also love the fact that autoflowering seeds are less picky about light. It’s a great option for those who have limited space to grow marijuana. They won’t require much care once planted, and you won’t need to monitor your plants as they grow.

Terpene profile

If you have ever grown a plant from seed, you’ve probably heard of the terpene profile. These are aromatic compounds found in cannabis that give it distinct tastes and smells. While these compounds are not directly useful for humans, they are important to plants in various ways. For instance, certain terpenes help deter diseases and predators. Pests, which attack plants, are attracted to certain aromas. Therefore, it is beneficial for cannabis plants to produce high-quality terpene profiles to protect their plants from various pathogens and predators.

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While the photoperiod variety requires a change in the light cycle to begin flowering, autoflowering cannabis seeds will naturally flower when 12 hours of light is available. These autoflowering strains are generally smaller and do not have the time to grow into flowers. However, growers with a limited space may want to opt for an autoflower if they’re looking for a higher yield. In addition, they’re easier to grow.

When choosing cannabis seeds, keep in mind that a high terpene profile is important in determining the taste of your final crop. Cannabis terpenes are found in the trichome resin glands of each plant. If you plant seeds too soon, they can be prone to degrade and take on an amber appearance. To avoid this, you should choose the right time to harvest.

Indoor or outdoor growing

There are several differences between autoflowering and photoperiod cannabis strains. While photoperiod plants don’t begin flowering until the end of winter and require special light schedules, autoflowering strains begin to bloom immediately upon germination. The plants don’t need a signal from you to flower, but they do need warm and sunny conditions in order to produce a full crop. The most important difference between photoperiod and autoflowering cannabis strains is the setup.

You can grow autoflowering cannabis indoors or outdoors, depending on your climate and the time of year. Autoflowers should receive 10 hours of light a day, but the optimum time is 16 hours per day. For outdoor growing, you’ll need to start the seeds later in the spring, around April to early June. However, if your climate experiences short summers, wait until after the last frost has passed. If your climate is temperate all year round, you can plant them as soon as the weather is warm enough.

If you live in a temperate climate, autoflowering cannabis seeds grow well in both environments. Indoors, you’ll get a harvest in eight to nine weeks. In hot climates, you’ll get a double crop. Despite the short duration of autoflowering cannabis, autoflowers are incredibly responsive to temperature changes. Growing cannabis in a hot climate will still produce spectacular results, so you should plan your grow accordingly.https://www.youtube.com/embed/0ymQWB1lWjc

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