Where Is The Best Place To Buy Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Autoflower Cannabis Seeds?

There are many reasons to buy autoflower seeds, but the most common reason is to grow more than one strain. There are a number of reasons to do this, and this article will provide you with an overview of some of the most popular seed banks and their products. ILoveGrowingMarijuana is an excellent choice because of its wide selection of autoflower seeds and guarantees on germination. You can also receive free shipping to the US and Europe. This seed bank also accepts Bitcoin for payment and even offers a 10% discount to those who use it. Shipping is also discreet and dependable, with distribution centers in California and Amsterdam.

Sun West Genetics

If you’re thinking of growing your own marijuana, the best place to buy autoflower seeds is an online store. The online market offers various seed packs for different climates. Some of the popular strains include Northern Storm, Blue Dream, Lemon OG, and OG Kush. Other popular autoflower strains include White Widow Max, Magnum, and OG Kush. In addition, many online stores offer germination guides.

If you’re new to marijuana and are looking for quality autoflower seeds at an affordable price, one of the best seed banks is Ministry of Cannabis. This Barcelona-based company offers a huge selection of autoflower seeds at a reasonable price, making it a great option for buyers on a budget. The seeds themselves are high quality and come with a germination guarantee. The online seed bank offers discreet shipping and has distribution centers in California and Amsterdam.

If you live in the United States, you should check local laws before ordering marijuana seeds online. Several states and countries have different laws regarding marijuana. Therefore, it is essential to check with your local government to find out which seed banks have legal marijuana seeds. If you’re from a state that allows for marijuana growing, you’ll want to choose an online seed bank with a good customer service team. Moreover, look for special sales and discounts on cannabis seeds to get the best deal.

Ministry of Cannabis

If you’re looking for autoflower cannabis seeds, Ministry of Cannabis is a fantastic choice. This company has been in business for more than two decades, collaborating with local growers and offering free seeds with every order. They also have covert shipping options that hide your seeds inside of seemingly unrelated items. The prices at Ministry of Cannabis are also reasonable, and you can save a lot of money when you buy from them.

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Their website is easy to navigate, with no irrelevant pop-up adverts. Their seed pages are visually appealing and easy to browse. You can sort them by type of flower, genetics, and growing methods, and even browse the most popular strains. They also offer a loyalty program and discount offers. All of their seeds are certified organic, so you can be sure of a high-quality product.

The Ministry of Cannabis accepts a number of payment methods, including bank transfer and Bitcoin. For orders over EUR350, you can use moneygram or cash mailed directly to their checkout address. However, note that you should send cash via registered mail to avoid security risks. This method also allows you to track your package. You can find out the delivery date and track the package if you need it.

Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds is the most trusted source for autoflower cannabis seeds in Canada. Not only does this company offer free shipping on orders over $200, they also have more than 200 seed banks in Canada. If you don’t live in Canada, shipping is available for an additional $10. Depending on your location, shipping can take as long as 25 days. For a faster delivery, you can upgrade your shipping method to express shipping for an additional $20 to $40. Alternatively, you can opt for stealth shipping services and pay an extra $20-$40 for express shipping.

Another important factor when selecting a company to buy autoflower cannabis seeds is customer service. Crop King Seeds has excellent customer service. When a customer calls or emails, a representative will contact them to verify the germination process. If a customer doesn’t experience success after planting the seeds, Crop King Seeds will issue a full refund or replacement seeds. The company’s guarantee is specific to the germination process, so it has nothing to do with how the seeds are planted or what growing medium to use.

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Crop King Seeds is located in Vancouver, Canada, but you can purchase their products anywhere in the world, including Canada. For Canadian orders, the company accepts Canadian currency, but for international orders, you can pay via PayPal, Moneygram, or Bitcoin. If you prefer to order from a foreign country, Crop King Seeds also accepts MasterCard, Visa, and Bitcoin.

Rocket Seeds

When looking for the best place to buy autoflower cannabis seeds, make sure to look for the guarantee. Whether you want discreet packaging or a 30-day money-back guarantee, you should be able to find it from these stores. You can expect to receive your purchase within 24 to 48 hours, depending on where you are located. Moreover, they provide free reshipping if you lose your package. There are many places where you can purchase autoflower cannabis seeds.

If you live in Europe or any other region where most seed banks do not deliver, you should consider Seedsman. This online seed bank is well-connected with over a hundred retail partners. You can choose from an extensive range of autoflower cannabis seeds, from popular strains to brand new ones. You can also take a quiz to determine which strain is the best for you. If you are looking for a reputable company to buy your seeds, MJ Seeds Canada is one of the best places to buy them. They offer discreet packaging and multiple payment options.

After selecting the seed bank, you must prepare the growing space. You should choose a place with climate, ventilation, and lighting conditions. Autoflower cannabis plants grow well in a climate that is suitable for growing. They do not require repotted pots. Their short growth cycle means they do not require too much space in the pot. Because of their petite size, autoflower cannabis plants do not require over-sized pots. However, you should consider the size of the pot you will place them in. They need enough space for their roots to spread and grow.

Herbies Seeds

Herbies Seeds is a well-known online seed store, with a wide selection of autoflowering strains. Their prices are low, as they are only $2 per seed, and they offer special discounts and mix packs. For beginners, we recommend checking out the Trippy Gorilla Auto, a hybrid of Ruderalis and Trippy Gorilla, which has an impressive yield and short flowering time of 56 days. Auto Cinderella Jack is another award-winning autoflower, and is known for its high THC content.

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Autoflower marijuana seeds are becoming more popular as breeders refine the terpenes in them. Autoflowering strains are similar to photoperiod cannabis varieties, and some even boast of higher output than their photoperiod counterparts. Autoflower seeds are a great way to create your own personal strain, and Herbies Seeds is the best place to buy autoflower cannabis marijuana seeds.

The company offers a huge selection of seeds, and guarantees that all of their products will germinate. If more than a third of your seeds fail to pop, Herbies Seeds will replace them for free. Herbies Seeds accepts credit/debit card, bank transfer, and bitcoin payments. Customers in countries with stricter cannabis laws will appreciate that the seeds are packaged in discreet ziplock bags or a DVD case.


When it comes to buying cannabis seeds, the ILGM is one of the best places to buy them. They have great customer service, tons of selection, and great sales and discounts. They also offer a huge library of growing resources to educate the customer. You can also get a 10% discount if you pay with Bitcoin. They have zero complaints against customers so that’s a big bonus.

I Love Growing Marijuana is another excellent seed bank. Its reputation is solid and the company is fully organic. You can rest assured that you won’t end up with any bad plants. They also guarantee germination. You’ll find classic and new strains to try, and their customer service is second to none. You can order cannabis seeds directly from their website or use a trusted online seed bank.

Autoflower cannabis seeds are known for their high yield. Autoflower cannabis seeds don’t require light control systems or grow tents. They can survive in poor conditions and produce as much as the legal limit. They don’t need automated switches or timers either. They are much easier to grow and have fewer hassles than other types of marijuana seeds. ILGM is the best place to buy autoflower cannabis seedshttps://www.youtube.com/embed/0Os-PseHKLA

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