Alien Rock Candy Seeds


Alien Rock Candy Feminized Seeds

Flowering Time 49 – 56 days
THC level 15 – 22 %
CBD level Low
Grow Difficulty Easy
Flavors Sweet / Sour / Citrus
Type 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
Parents Sour Dubb x Tahoe Alien
Cultivate Indoors & Outdoors

Alien Rock Candy seeds, the unusually tasty strain that is ready to offer its users a very strong high, and tastes like the sweetest candy. It is very easy to grow, and in a short time will produce large plants. The smell of this plant is very strong, but its taste is stronger. This is a type of cannabis which is best suited for use during the day, not at night, and it is best used by smokers who prefer to have the more mental type of experience. The best use for this marijuana is for those who like to have a lot of fun, and it is also highly recommended for novice smokers.

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Alien Rock Candy seeds are a secret weapon on the front line in the fight against stress, depression, and fatigue. It will put a grin on your face and lift your spirits with a legendary taste that is only outdone by the trippy, cerebral high.

This cannabis strain is a cross of the Sour Dubb and Tahoe Alien. It contains the genetics of the bankable Alien Dawg, a cross of Tahoe Alien and Alien Kush.

Alien Rock Candy strain is a cross of Sour Dubb and the Tahoe Alien. This indica-dominant hybrid strain has genetics from some of the finest parent strains, so you know it has to be good. Alien Rock Candy is a great choice for nighttime use because of its strong indica effects.

It is potent, but not overpowering, making it a good choice for newbies and veterans alike. The effects are best felt in the body and mind rather than in the head, making it a good strain for those who have occasional pain, stress, and fatigue.

The effects are physical, sedative, and relaxing. The buzz is a bit like the one from a cup of warm lapsang souchong tea with a chocolate-covered espresso bean chaser. You will feel a calm euphoria as you sink deep into your couch, couch potato style.

Alien Rock Candy Seeds For Sale

This Tahoe Alien is truly out of this world. The initial high is a clean, clear headed high that is best used in situations where productivity is key. If you need to focus on writing, problem solving, or creating the Alien Rock Candy will help you get the job done.

The additional citrus flavors are a great pairing with a variety of foods. The light body buzz is great for social situations too. The benefits of the CBD are well known, but this sativa dominant strain is ideal for all day relief of pain, anxiety and nausea.

The CBD levels range from 10% to 14% so you can expect a mild body high that won’t knock you out. The additional fruity flavors are great for social situations and the long lasting effects will leave you able to enjoy them. This is a great strain for daytime use and the uplifting effects are great for creative people.

Growing Alien Rock Candy Seeds From Seed

Growing Alien Rock Candy Seeds From Seed

This exotic strain is a cross between two of the most award-winning strains available today. The Sour Dubb and the Tahoe Alien have truly created a masterpiece that can be grown indoors as well as outdoors.

With a THC content of up to 22 percent, you are going to be soaring to new heights with this strain in your hands. The Alien Rock Candy will allow you to feel relaxed, happy and euphoric, without getting you too high that you can’t function.

This is a great choice if you are new to smoking. This strain is also great for those who are looking for relief from migraines or hypertension. With so many strains available today, this hybrid is definitely a keeper.

Alien Rock Candy cannabis seeds are a cross between Sour Dubb and Tahoe Alien. Sour Dubb is a cross between an unknown strain and Blueberry. Tahoe Alien is a cross between Alien Kush and Sour Dubb. Alien Rock Candy is a sativa-dominant hybrid that grows well indoors and outdoors.

This strain is as sweet as candy, hence its name. Cannabis seeds produce plants with a pungent, earthy flavor. These plants grow like weeds, but are not finicky when it comes to their growing conditions. Alien Rock Candy plants prefer a temperature range of 80 to 90℉ to thrive.

This strain can grow to 6 feet tall when outdoors, so give it ample room to grow. Have you ever seen a more beautiful plant? This plant is covered in resin glands and is truly a sight to behold. It is a mesmerizing plant when it is allowed to grow freely.

Alien Rock Candy’s flowering time is between 49 and 56 days. This strain produces yields of 14 to 18 ounces per plant. This strain will be ready for harvest in late September.

Alien Rock Candy Images

The Alien Rock Candy strain was developed in early 2009 by the now legendary Sensi Seeds breeders. The results of their efforts are a perfect example of what a connoisseur’s strain should be. The Alien Rock Candy is a hybrid cross between two of the most celebrated strains of the 21st Century.

Sour Dubb and Tahoe Alien, two strains that are renowned for their hard hitting, high THC effects, are the forebears of this incredible creation. The Sour Dubb is a cross of Sour Diesel and Buddha’s Sister, both of which are known for their spectacular flavors and unique aroma profiles.

This strain contains a moderate THC level that ranges from 15% to 22% and is sure to deliver a powerfully euphoric and uplifting high. The Alien Rock Candy also has a moderately high CBD level which further enhances its medicinal benefits.

This strain has a flowering time of only 7 to 8 weeks and can be grown indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. The Alien Rock Candy is a medium sized plant that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. This strain is best cultivated using hydroponic systems.

The Alien Rock Candy is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a strain that is going to deliver a hard hitting and long lasting high that is sure to leave you feeling happy and relaxed.

Alien Rock Candy Effects and Flavors

Alien Rock Candy seeds, a cross between Sour Dubb and Tahoe Alien, is an indica dominant hybrid with an 80% indica dominance. Alien Rock Candy seeds will produce an array of pine, earthy and citrus flavors when smoked.

This strain produces a happy, euphoric and relaxed high that may make you happy even when you don’t want to feel so. It’s easy to grow with a flowering period of 7 to 8 weeks and a yield of 1.6 to 1.8 oz/ft2 indoors.

Alien Rock Candy seeds is easy to grow and is suitable for beginners. Growers will also love the fact that this strain is resistant to pests and disease, making it a low maintenance marijuana strain. Growers may want to grow this strain outdoors because it has potential yield of from 14 to 18 ounces per plant.

This strain will thrive in a sunny, dry climate. Given the proper care and environment, Alien Rock Candy will be ready for harvest in late September.

Alien Rock Candy Strain - Review and Info

Alien Rock Candy Strain – Review and Info

Alien Rock Candy seeds are a combination of two strains that bring forth a high that is satisfyingly complex. These seeds are the result of a cross between Sour Dubb and Tahoe Alien.

Sour Dubb is a strong indica strain known for its powerful high that relaxes the body and eases pain. Tahoe Alien is a sativa strain with a soaring high that is fast acting and provides a feeling of elation. Alien Rock Candy marijuana is a cross of these two strains, and the results are a lot to handle.

This marijuana seeds are an excellent choice for those seeking an overwhelming experience. The THC levels in these cannabis seeds can range between 15-22%. This marijuana is an indica dominant hybrid with an 80% indica dominance, and it produces a strong, body high.

The high that this cannabis seeds provide starts off with a surge of euphoria that is energizing and happy. From there, a strong feeling of relaxation takes over and provides a mellow, long lasting effect.

Flowering time is around 7-8 weeks and produces an average yield of 16-18 ounces per plant. Alien Rock Candy seeds are a sativa dominant hybrid with a high THC level of 22%, and a flowering time of 8-10 weeks.

Growers can expect to harvest this marijuana in late September when growing outdoors, or by October when growing indoors. This marijuana strain can reach upwards of 6 feet.

Alien Rock Candy seeds are a true hybrid strain. They produce an energetic high that is bursting with happiness. This marijuana seeds are an excellent choice for those seeking an overwhelming experience.

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Alien Rock Candy seeds, aka ARK seeds, is a marijuana strain that has risen to popularity in recent years. Alien Rock Candy comes out of the gate with a touch of sourness that is offset by a sweet, fruity flavor and aroma.

The tangy flavor and smell are reminiscent of candies that are sour on the outside but sweet and fruity on the inside.

With just a couple of puffs from this marijuana, ARC seeds will help you be the best version of yourself by ridding pesky migraines, hypertension, anxiety, depressive thoughts, stress and most of all fatigue.

You can say goodbye to struggling through the day or night by grabbing your own cannabis seeds from Royal Seeds Boutique today. Alien Rock Candy is an Indica dominant hybrid with an 80% Indica dominance.

Despite the Indica dominance, this marijuana strain still has a high THC content of 22% and a low CBD content of 0.1%. This cannabis strain is best used for relaxing and stress-relieving purposes.

It is also good for inducing hunger and is ideal for treating insomnia. This marijuana is recommended for patients suffering from anxiety, chronic pain, depression, insomnia, lack of appetite and PTSD. Alien Rock Candy strain is a cross between Sour Dubb and Tahoe Alien.

Both parents are highly potent cannabis strains with high medicinal values. Unfortunately, this cannabis strain is difficult to find online. If you are lucky enough to find it, it is most likely to be in the form of feminized seeds.

  • This marijuana strain is best grown indoors.
  • This strain requires a flowering period of 7 to 8 weeks.
  • This relatively quick flowering time makes it an ideal choice for people who do not have a lot of time to grow cannabis. Its yield is average.
  • It has a medium height.
  • It is resistant to most pests, mold and mildew.

The best place to buy Alien Rock Candy seeds is at Royal Seeds Boutique. We guarantee that your seeds are fresh, healthy and potent.

Alien Rock Candy Seeds For Sale Online

Alien Rock Candy seeds are the result of cross breeding a handful of exotic strains with the renowned Rock Bud mother plant. This new strain is a bold, sativa dominant hybrid that will make your jaw drop when you put your lips to the bowl.

She is a little fussy with her environment and prefers to be grown indoors in a soil medium. This strain is a cross between Sour Dubb X Tahoe Alien and is a three time Cannabis Cup winner. The verdict is clear that this strain is a winner, but it is yet to be seen if it will be a champion in your garden.

Alien Rock Candy is a cross between the legendary Tahoe Alien and the fruity Sour Dubb. This marijuana seed strain has found its place in many cannabis cup categories: Best Indica, Best Hybrid, and Best Sativa.

The high THC content and the slightly sweet taste make this hybrid the perfect choice for a nice relaxing smoke. The adventurous smoker should smoke this strain when you need to break out of a creative rut or when you are looking to spark some inspiration.

It is also great for getting rid of the day-to-day stress and anxiety. Alien Rock Candy is also a popular weed strain for medicinal use since it has a calming and relaxing effect. Alien Rock Candy cannabis seeds are the result of breeding a Sour Dubb strain with a Tahoe Alien strain.

These female seeds produce plants that are about 5 feet tall and produces about 18 ounces per plant. These cannabis seeds love their warm tropical climate and grow quite well in it. It is advised that you keep them in a warm, sunny and dry place.

In their optimal growth conditions, they grow up to be dark green in color with a lot of orange pistils. The buds of Alien Rock Candy have a sour, citrusy taste and a woody smell. These cannabis seeds are great for smoking and are also great for making weed butter.

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