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Big Bud seeds can help you get desired yields, regardless of your preferred method of growing. This strain helps with pain management and relaxes the muscles. It can also relieve stress and anxiety. It can even be used as a stimulant, increasing your appetite. And if you’re new to the whole marijuana scene, Big Bud can even help you with insomnia. Listed below are the benefits of smoking Big Bud feminized seeds.

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Big Bud Feminized Seeds

Growing marijuana with feminized seeds is a simple and effective way to grow high-quality cannabis plants. While some varieties have short flowering periods, others are suitable for outdoor cultivation. In either case, you can expect a large yield. In hydroponics, Big Bud is a versatile strain that thrives in both indoor and outdoor environments. Here are some tips for growing Big Bud successfully.

Bloom enhancers are essential for marijuana cultivation because they increase the metabolic rate and overall health of plants. These enhancers are highly concentrated and can increase up to 20% of the yield. The Big Bud formula contains a special blend of ingredients that are known to enhance the growth and budding potential of marijuana plants. The nutrients and PK ratios for these three stages of growth are different, so you need to pay special attention to following manufacturer’s instructions.

Flowering time of Big Bud feminized seeds

Despite being a fast-growing weed variety, Big Bud feminized seeds require proper germination techniques to maximize the chances of successful flowering. There are several techniques to try, and we will discuss one here. The first technique involves wetting the Big Bud seeds with a damp towel and placing them on top. Then, wipe off the excess moisture with a dry towel and place them on a separate dry towel.

Big Bud Feminized Seeds Cannabis

The genetics of Big Bud feminized seeds date back to the 1970s, when American breeders crossed three iconic cannabis cultivars to create an indica hybrid. The result was an award-winning variety that took first place in the indica category at the 1989 High Times Cannabis Cup. The combination of these three strains gave rise to a strain that offers massive yields, a wide selection of flavors, and a high level of resistance to both pests and diseases. Big Bud feminized seeds are ideal for beginners and experienced growers alike as they offer a plethora of benefits and teach you the techniques to successfully grow even the most difficult cultivars.

Big Bud feminized seeds require approximately 56-63 days for a flowering period. If you’re growing Big Bud outdoors, the flowering time will be even longer for the largest yields. Big Bud is a good choice for growers who are looking for high yields but don’t want to spend much time in the garden. However, you should prepare the soil, and ensure adequate root space.

Big Bud feminized seeds are a great choice for beginner growers, as it has an average flowering time of 49-63 days. This cannabis plant will grow between 100 and 150 cm tall and yields from 600-800 grams per square meter. Its flavor is fruity, earthy, and skunky. However, the weed will also yield about 250-450 grams per plant.

THC content of Big Bud feminized seeds

Big Bud feminized seeds come from a family of marijuana plants with Indica genetics. This strain offers a relaxed heaviness that can help you clear your schedule. The THC content is typically around 18%. When smoked, Big Bud creates a warm blanket of relaxation and a sense of well-being. The high-quality seeds are available for feminized growers.

The Afghan Big Bud Feminized Marijuana seeds strain have less than 2% CBD, but twenty percent THC. These seeds are famous for producing big, thick, resinous buds. As an Indica dominant variety, they are the perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor growing. The high is instantaneous and long-lasting, and you can get the effects without spending too much money on weed.

Growing Big Bud feminized seeds is a relatively simple process. The plants typically grow between 3 and 5 feet tall and produce 600g of quality cannabis per square meter. Flowering time is anywhere from six to eight weeks, depending on the genetics used. Big Bud feminized seeds do not require much attention and can be easily grown with the right grow medium. And unlike other cannabis strains, they do not need a male plant to grow.

The THC content of Big Bud feminised seeds is typically around 16% to 20%, and they produce an incredible India high. While the plant isn’t known for its high THC content, it is often used for medical conditions. This marijuana strain is ideal for those with chronic pain, arthritis, and insomnia. The high from Big Bud is generally relaxing. The weed is also suitable for people with anxiety and depression.

The smell of Big Bud cannabis seeds is delicious. The buds are huge and resinous. The flavor is sweet with a hint of fruit. The resulting high is as smooth and pleasant as it smells. It produces a strong cerebral high, perfect for a lazy Sunday. Big Bud marijuana seeds will grow 50 to 65 days indoors, and mid-to-late October outdoors. A great strain for indoor or outdoor growing, Big Bud is also easy to care for.

Side effects of smoking Big Bud

When smoked, Big Bud feminized marijuana seeds produce dense, compact nugs that release an earthy, sweet aroma. The nugs also feature a subtle fruity and spicy scent. Smokers will feel transported to a pine forest. The smell is described as earthy and piney, with a spicy kick that balances out the herbal aroma. It has been used by many to soothe the nerves and elicit a state of relaxation.

The main benefits of Big Bud marijuana seeds are their calming effects, which can reduce stress, improve mood, and combat depression, anxiety, and pain. Smokers will experience a calming, seductive body stone that will lift their spirits and alleviate tension. Big Bud feminized seeds will also help them relax. This strain of marijuana also increases appetite and relieves insomnia. The benefits of smoking Big Bud cannabis seeds are numerous.

While Big Bud feminized seeds are one of the highest-yielding strains available, they also produce a high yield. On average, Big Bud feminized seeds produce 18 ounces of cannabis per square meter of space. The Big Bud feminized strain dates back to the 1970s, but its origins remain a mystery. The cannabis community believes that this hybrid strain is derived from a trifecta of marijuana perfection.

To grow the cannabis plants of Big Bud feminized seeds, you will need to use a proper germination technique. There are many germination techniques available, but the wet towel method is the most popular. First, place the seeds on a wet towel. Then, squeeze out excess moisture. Next, you should remove excess oils from your fingers and thumb. After three to four days, you should have a taproot of approximately 1/4 inch.

Big Bud Seeds For Sale

Big Bud Seeds For Sale Cannabis

If you’re looking for a weed strain that yields massive yields, is great for growing indoors or outdoors, and is an excellent de-stresser, consider buying Big Bud Seeds For Sale. This three-way hybrid can be grown both indoors and outdoors, and it has a great reputation for being a stress-reliever. Read on to learn more about this strain! We’ll cover the legality, growing, and benefits of this strain.

Big Bud is a three-way hybrid

If you’re looking for an Old School-style cannabis plant that produces high-yielding, heavy buds, then Big Bud is the plant for you. Big Bud X C99 is a powerful hybrid that produces high-yielding, heavy-bud plants with high potency and bag appeal. Despite its name, this cannabis seed has many characteristics that make it the perfect choice for all kinds of growers. Its tall and thick colas fill out cultivation space quickly and have high flower yields. Its large flowers have bright orange stigmas, and its easy to manicure.

Big Bud is a three-way cannabis seed with a true pedigree. It was bred by crossing Afghani, Skunk, and Old School Big Bud. This combination of genetics produces a potent strain that can be grown both indoors and outdoors and will produce high-quality weed for any situation. Big Bud seeds have a THC content of about 20% and are known for their high yields. This feminized cannabis seed can be cultivated indoors or outdoors and produces high-quality buds.

This strain has a superior pedigree, and is a legend among growers. It was originally developed in the United States and brought to Amsterdam in the 1980s. This cannabis seed strain survived the “War on Drugs” in the US, and today, Sensi Seeds has preserved the Big Bud seeds from this original clone. Its massive, sticky buds are perfect for both beginners and experienced growers alike.

Big Bud is an 80 percent indica-dominant feminized marijuana seed. Big Bud flowers in approximately 56-63 days outdoors, but it can take up to 65 days for very productive plants. Big Bud is best grown indoors, but it is also suitable for outdoor conditions. This plant will grow to approximately one meter tall, but it will probably need more time if it is to produce large yields.

It produces huge yields

The Big Bud marijuana seed is one of the best selling high yield strains. This marijuana plant produces a dense bud, with nugs that are over an eighth of an inch in size. It is the ideal plant for marijuana businesses, or simply for stoners who want a good high. However, growers must remember that cannabis is illegal in many countries. To avoid this, growers should make sure that their seeds are feminized before germination.

Its pedigree is indica dominant, but with the Big Bud Seeds For Sale, you can have a high yield without worrying about growing a large plant. This cannabis strain can produce 25 ounces or more per plant and is ready for harvest in October. In addition to its enormous yields, Big Bud is also one of the easiest plants to grow, thanks to its compact habit. Growing Big Bud indoors will result in 550-700 grams of yields per square meter. Outdoors, Big Bud is best suited to mild climates.

Autoflowering marijuana strains are ideal for growing in small spaces and indoors. Though they produce smaller yields than their outdoor counterparts, they are still potent. Autoflowering marijuana seeds are bred with ruderalis, a hardy cultivar from Eastern Europe that provides added strength for outdoors growing. Unlike other cannabis seed strains, autoflowering seeds don’t require changing their light cycle. Instead, they require a consistent light schedule, which is best in the morning and evening. The more light you give to the plant, the better.

The Big Bud marijuana seed is a powerful strain for those looking for a good mood. It is a potent strain with a high THC content of 16%. The huge buds produce a spicy, earthy aroma and sweet fruity flavors. There are several varieties of Big Bud Seeds For Sale and feminized varieties available. So make sure to get your Big Bud Seeds For Sale before they are too late!

Growing Big Bud Seeds From Seed


It is a good de-stresser

If you’ve ever wondered whether cannabis seeds are a good stress buster, you’ll be happy to know that Big Bud is a de-stresser. You can easily start growing your own Big Bud seeds by following a few simple steps. These seeds are feminized and will help you grow only female plants. If you prefer to grow male plants, you can choose regular Big Bud seeds. Regular seeds have a 50/50 chance of producing male or female crops. Lastly, there are autoflower variants of Big Bud seeds that are known to transition into the flowering stage without changing their lighting cycle.

You can grow the fast version of Big Bud seeds in soil. This is cheaper and easier to start, but you’ll want to try hydroponics if possible. Hydroponics also reduces bugs and pests. These seeds grow up to five feet tall, boasting thick, sturdy branches and resin-dripping buds. And if you’re a novice gardener, this strain is probably a good choice.

Another great marijuana strain, Big Bud is an indica dominant hybrid. It was awarded the Cannabis Cup and is used commercially in the US. The large buds of this strain have a mouthwatering citrus smell and tiny shiny trichomes. While it shares similar genetics with WSS Skunk, it doesn’t produce the same high. That said, it is still a great choice for those looking for a stress-buster.

Despite its name, Big Bud is easy to grow. The only thing it requires is a longer growing period – around 55 to 70 days. Big Bud has an indica growth pattern and is an average height. The plant is usually medium-sized and moderately tall, with a flowering time of eight to nine weeks. You can choose between soil and hydroponics, and it is a great de-stresser for the mind.

It is a strain to be grown indoors or outdoors

Growers can grow this strain indoors or outdoors. This strain is tall and stocky with several flowering sites and a few finger leaves. This strain produces a high yield, and is perfect for both types of growing. Its long stems and heavy branches make it a great choice for beginner growers, but it does require extra support, so growers must be prepared.

The Northern Light x Big Bud is a hybrid strain, combining indica and ruderalis. It produces resinous buds but only grows up to three feet. This marijuana strain is ideal for indoor growing and can even be grown outdoors in dry climates. This plant is high in THC, and has a knockout stone. This marijuana strain is known for its long lasting effects and powerful body high.


When grown indoors, Big Bud is a fantastic strain for both. It has a sweet, fruity smell with a hint of spicy flavor. It grows in compact forms and provides big buds with a deep green color. Cannabis growers can choose this strain for indoor and outdoor use, and it will produce a healthy harvest regardless of the weather. This plant is a good choice for beginners who are new to growing marijuana.

Big Bud Seeds For Sale marijuana is a high yielding strain of cannabis that produces large, monster-like buds. Its potency is high, and it can produce up to 25 ounces per square meter. Although Big Bud is a mystery strain, the cannabis community believes it to be the trifecta of marijuana perfection. The plants are extremely easy to grow, and they produce high yields.

It is resistant to mold

Mold-resistant strains of cannabis originate from areas that are often moist and rainy. These strains are called landraces because they have adapted to less-than-ideal growing conditions and are naturally less prone to it. These strains produce buds that are spongier than the average plant, and their internodal spacing is wider, so they are more resistant to mold.

Blue Cheese is resistant to mold. This strain is suitable for indoor and outdoor growing, but it needs cooler climates to grow. Its growth is more stable when kept at low temperatures with a gentle breeze. Another popular strain, Blackberry, is a cross of Raspberry Cough and Black Domina. It produces a calming buzz and is good for relieving muscle pain and stress. Cannabis is a natural antimicrobial, so you can safely grow this variety indoors.

Colombian Gold is a Sativa landrace strain originating from the Santa Marta Mountains in Colombia. It is resistant to mold and pests and produces high yields. Hybrids are a mixture of two or more cannabis strains. Most of them will contain some of both Indica and Sativa genetics. This crossbreeding process results in a strong hybrid with favorable traits.

Another advantage of Big Bud is its size. Most varieties of this strain are able to produce huge amounts of flowers. Their large, dense colas are a perfect choice for beginners and seasoned growers alike. Big Bud will fill a cultivation area quickly. Despite its big size and high flower yields, Big Bud has low-level drowsiness and a high level of aroma. This strain is suitable for smokers who want a balanced high with a relaxed feeling.

Growing Big Bud Seeds From Seed

Growing Big Bud Seeds From Seed Cannabis

If you are considering growing Big Bud, you have probably asked yourself: Are there any side effects to growing feminized or gypsy-dominant plants? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This article will cover the side effects of growing feminized and gypsy-dominant Big Bud plants, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of both. This is the perfect cannabis growing guide for any beginner!

Side effects of growing Big Bud femin

If you’ve ever grown a cannabis strain, you’ve probably experienced the drowsiness and couch-lock that comes from using a heavy indica-dominant hybrid. While Big Bud’s high can be incredibly energizing, it’s also not suitable for anyone who needs to concentrate. Because of this, it’s best used after work or at night. There are several side effects of growing Big Bud, including couch-lock and dry eyes.

Big Bud is a legendary cannabis strain that has been around since the 1970s. Its sweet and spicy flavor is enhanced by fruit notes on the exhale. This indica-dominant strain provides a high-yielding crop, making it an excellent choice for growing a variety for medicinal purposes. While it’s possible to experience some side effects from growing Big Bud femin, they are usually minimal.

Big Bud’s high-yielding buds are another benefit. This strain can produce twenty to thirty ounces per square meter if grown outdoors. Big Bud’s genetics are closely related to those of Afghani and Skunk, which makes it incredibly tough. It can stretch if given sufficient support and allows it to grow horizontally. While this strain is prone to stretching and causing side effects, it is a worthy choice for indoor growers looking for a high-yielding, premium-quality marijuana plant.

Side effects of growing Big Bud feminized

If you’re a recreational marijuana user, you’re probably interested in knowing about the Side Effects of Growing Big Bud Feminized. While the effects of this plant are not dangerous, they can cause a variety of unpleasant side effects, including dry mouth, heavy eyelids, and paranoia. In addition, you should avoid the strain if you are prone to these side effects. Despite the lack of a high-THC content, Big Bud Feminized seeds are best suited for indoor cultivation and are best for those who want a fast high.

Among the side effects of Big Bud is a sedating high, so it is not recommended for anyone with insomnia or a history of panic attacks. Despite this sedative effect, marijuana grown from Big Bud seeds can help people manage their anxiety and pain. The high from this plant can help you sleep and improve your mood. It can also alleviate muscle tension and help those who suffer from depression or stress.

The Big Bud Feminized plant is easy to grow and is resistant to pests and mold. Because it is resistant to these pests, it can be grown in a home environment with minimal supervision. Big Bud Feminized can produce up to 1200 grams of buds in about 65 days, and it responds well to a variety of growing methods. It thrives in warm climates and can grow up to 225 centimeters in height.

If you are a beginner to growing marijuana, Big Bud feminized is an excellent choice. The plant produces large, flowering plants in nine weeks. The buds of Big Bud are covered with crystals, and the plant is tall and wide. Users will be left with a relaxing, happy feeling, and no stress. However, some growers may find that it causes some side effects in their first years of growing.

While Big Bud does have the potential to be a powerful indica variety, its production characteristics make it ideal for beginners. While the marijuana plant is versatile and can withstand most climates, it does best under warm, sunny conditions. Outdoors, Big Bud will reach a height of about 5 feet and a yield of approximately 25 ounces per plant. The strain is recommended for patients with chronic pain and fibromyalgia.

Despite the fact that it contains low levels of CBD, Big Bud’s therapeutic potential is impressive. As a result, it is ideal for medical cannabis users who are looking for an effective solution to aches, pains, and anxiety. This strain is also known for improving appetite. But while it may not be the best choice for everyone, some side effects can still occur. If you’re worried about the Side Effects of Growing Big Bud Feminized, consider avoiding it.

Side effects of growing Big Bud indoors

Growing Big Bud seeds indoors will allow you to get a full-flower high without any of the risks associated with outdoor gardening. This heavily indica-dominant hybrid will give you a relaxing cerebral high. It is perfect for relieving pain, fibromyalgia, depression, and muscle spasms. Side effects include couch-lock and dry mouth, and you should avoid using it during work.

As a high yielding plant, Big Bud can grow to 5 feet outdoors. It thrives in a warm climate with lots of sun. It is harvested in October and will yield around twenty ounces per square meter of growing space. Big Bud also performs well in hydroponics setup indoors. It produces large buds and does not take up a lot of space. However, you should be sure to choose your location well.

Increasing the CO2 level in your grow room will make it possible for you to have larger plants than usual. A light-intensity increase of about 50% will result in a greater bud yield. However, if you grow marijuana indoors, you should consider a climate that allows for better light exposure. Light intensity is a major factor in the flowering stage of marijuana. A temperature that is too low can cause your plants to grow too tall, which means lower yields.

Growing Big Bud seeds indoors can be risky, but if you follow these tips, you’ll be rewarded with a superior crop. Big Bud has many health benefits, and it’s easy to grow. Aside from its high yield, it’s also resistant to pests and disease. Its flavor is very sweet, spicy, and it’s a great strain for chronic pain and fibromyalgia.

Big Bud Images – How to Recognize a Quality Strain

Big Bud Images Cannabis

We’ve all heard about the famous big bud cannabis strain. But what’s it like? How do you recognize a quality marijuana strain? Read on for some insights. Big Bud is indica dominant, Fast-flowering, Mammoth yields, Resilient, and more. Let’s take a look at this hybrid’s history. And what can we expect from it? Hopefully, these tips will make it easier to choose the best cannabis strain for you.


Autoflowering cannabis genetics have become very popular with new breeders and growers alike. They are extremely productive and produce high-quality buds in a short amount of time. Autoflower seeds can be cultivated from seed as early as eight weeks after germination. They are photoperiod-sensitive and mature much faster than their regular photo-dependent parents. These strains can also produce a large amount of cannabis compared to their regular counterparts.

The Big Bud fast-flowering strain combines the genetics of Big Bud with a secret hybrid. It contains genes from Skunk #1, Northern Lights, and Afghani. In addition to this, Big Bud Fast Photo Fem seeds can be found at Homegrown Cannabis Co., Weed Seeds, and several other companies. This ensures the best possible price per seed. For fast-flowering cannabis, you can choose from autoflower and feminized seeds.

One of the main characteristics of fast-flowering cannabis is its speed. This trait makes it ideal for home grows, stealth operations, and impatient cultivators. Breeders have bred strains with short flowering times to give growers large amounts of resin. By combining these two traits, breeders were able to create strains with extremely short wait times. The result of these efforts is the fast-flowering cannabis strain, Big Bud x Skunk #1.


This large, indica-dominant hybrid has a history dating back to the 1970s. After being exported to the Netherlands, this strain was stabilized genetically there. Its name is derived from its enormous buds, which give growers huge yields. Its high THC content is attributed to its indica genetics. Big Bud was originally a cross between Skunk #1 and Afghani, but it has been rebred with other cannabis strains. As a result, its large, dense buds have white crystal trichomes and are covered with visible sweet resin.

The flavor of indicas is often characterized by a fruity or spicy smell, with a hint of blackberry or fruit. This aroma indicates the strain’s extreme potency. The taste is mostly musky spice with hints of fruit. The resin is dense and body-oriented, delivering a knockout OG stone. The effects last for hours. It’s ideal for daytime use and is perfect for social gatherings.

Skunk #1 is a senior strain that is known for its relaxing effects. It was developed by the Sacred Seed Company in the 1970s and was crossed with Afghan, Acapulco Gold, and Colombian Gold. Skunk #1 is a 65% indica-dominant plant with a relatively low CBD content. Its leaves are thick and covered in frosty crystals. The strain is known to be a popular choice for daytime use, as it is relaxing and uplifting.

Mammoth yields

One of the most sturdily built strains is the Mammoth, which has a high resistance to disease and natural cold weather, making it an ideal introductory plant for newcomers. This cannabis strain will need protection from frost, but temporary enclosing can help protect the plants from heavy rain or circulate warm air during cold weather. A few tips for growing cannabis are listed below.

Mammoth delivers an uplifting high and a relaxing buzz that will last for hours. Its effects start with a creeping sensation in the temples, but quickly build as it surges through the body. The high is best experienced in the morning, but can also be used as an afternoon pick-me-up. Its cerebral effects will inspire creativity and help you focus for hours. Regardless of how you choose to use Mammoth, you’ll enjoy the effects for a long time.

Mammoth is the most productive cannabis strain when grown outdoors. A mature plant can produce as much as 46 ounces of buds. This strain’s shortest flowering period is the northern hemisphere, when short days make flowering late. Mammoth flowers begin to bloom in the last few days of October, but won’t fully bloom until the second or third week of November.


If you’re planning to grow your marijuana outdoors, you’ve probably considered using resilient cannabis. Cannabis is a plant that’s able to withstand certain environmental stresses, including extreme temperatures. Although the perfect temperature range is somewhere between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, plants can survive prolonged hot temperatures. In addition to using protective coverings to shield your plants from extreme heat, you can feed them seaweed extract, which can improve their nutrient absorption.

Mold-resistant cannabis strains are the result of their ability to thrive in damp climates. These plants are bred to resist mold, a common problem in greenhouses. This resistance is in the genetics of these plants, so they can withstand the growing environment and flower in order to set seed. Unlike conventional cannabis, these plants are available as regular or feminized seeds. Landrace cannabis strains (also known as feral cannabis) are naturally resistant to the environment where they are cultivated. They pass their genetics to offspring.

Resilient cannabis from Big Bud Images can withstand both heat and cold. The Afghani strain is known for its large flowers and thick stalks. Growing Afghani strains requires proper support from tensioned strings. It’s also important to top the young plants to maintain a horizontal growth. The Afghani strain is one of the most popular varieties among cannabis growers. The Afghani strain is also known for its high yields.

Sweet smell

If you’re wondering why your marijuana has a sweet smell, you’re not alone. The majority of marijuana strains are sweet smelling, and this characteristic makes them popular with smokers of all levels. The sweet smell is a natural part of the cannabis plant, and some strains even have a fruity aroma. Other strains are woody, spicy, and earthy, but none of them have a strong, distinct smell. Whatever the case, marijuana plants are known for their smooth and sweet smell.

Indica strains are generally more pleasant to the nose, and Big Bud is no exception. This strain produces huge buds that emit a sweet smell. While Big Bud is an indica strain, it has low levels of CBD, which means that it is best for indoor growing. The sweet smell is a secondary benefit to this strain’s high THC content. As a result, it’s often the preferred strain for fibromyalgia and chronic pain.

Powerful euphoria

When you are ready for a big euphoria, you should try one of these marijuana strains. Known as Sunset Sherbet, this uplifting cannabis strain boasts a flavor profile that will delight your palate. With its uplifting properties, you can turn your sour moments into something sweet. Its mood-altering effects and healing properties make it ideal for evening use. It is named after Dr. Lester Grinspoon, who has been a staunch advocate for cannabis for more than 40 years.

Big Bud Effects and Flavors

Big Bud Effects and Flavors Cannabis

If you’ve been considering growing marijuana indoors, you may be wondering about the effects and flavors of Big Bud. This Indica-dominant strain is known for its heavy body stone and sweet flavor. This article explores the many different ways to consume Big Bud and its effects. You’ll also learn about how to grow it successfully. Read on to learn more! A look at the flavor profile and effects of this cannabis strain will give you a clearer idea of its benefits.

Big Bud is an Indica-dominant strain

The Big Bud marijuana strain offers a mellow, uplifting, sedating high. Big Bud is a good choice for those with chronic pain, muscle spasms, and fibromyalgia. Its euphoric effects can help you focus and be more creative. In addition, its calming effect can help you manage stress and anxiety. However, it should be noted that Big Bud can make you feel sleepy and hungry after an hour.

This high-yielding, frosty strain has Afghani and Skunk roots. This genetic makeup allows it to thrive in a variety of climates and grows exceptionally well in warm, sunny climates. While it does not reach towering heights indoors, it can produce up to 25 ounces of flower per plant. During flowering, Big Bud is an excellent choice for growing cannabis indoors.

This strain has a large, dense bud with a hint of purple. Its trichomes and orange hairs give it a distinctive grape taste. Big Bud contains high levels of THC, ranging from 16 to 25 percent. Cannabis enthusiasts should look for a higher-quality Big Bud strain if they’re looking for an indica plant with a powerful effect. Big Bud has a rich aroma and flavor and is great for both recreational and medicinal uses.

The scent of this strain is fruity and earthy. This indica has a slight skunk scent, but otherwise has a fruity flavor. It has a smooth smoke. A mellow smoke with a citrus and skunky aftertaste, Big Bud can be smoked to relieve stress. The Big Bud strain is a great choice for beginners and experienced marijuana users alike.

It has a heavy body stone

Big Bud is a highly effective indica strain with dense, oversized buds. It was crossed with Skunk #1 to produce this heavy body stone, which is often described as euphoric and deeply relaxing. It can also creep up on you, leaving you feeling hazy and prone to couch lock. Regardless of whether you’re looking for an indica-heavy body stone or a relaxing, sleep-inducing buzz, Big Bud will provide a memorable experience.

This indica-dominant strain can be a great choice for both recreational and medicinal use, since it’s known to alleviate a wide range of ailments, and produces a heavy body stone. ILGM, one of the best US seed banks, carries Big Bud seeds for sale. The feminized version of Big Bud has a shorter flowering period, which means it’s more suitable for indoor cultivation. The plant will grow to around 200-225 cm, so it’s not the kind of strain you’ll want to put into a greenhouse.

The scent of Big Bud is very distinctive, smelling like a mixture of kerosene, pine-sol, and skunk. The flavor is also dank, with hints of lemon and pine. Its resinous coating helps it maintain its potency, and it provides a dreamy haze and heavy body stone that’s sure to satisfy any smoker. The high from Big Bud can last for a long time, so make sure to plan a long curing period.

Big Bud Strain - Review and Info

It has a sweet taste

The flavor of Big Bud can be very pleasing, and it has a sweet and spicy aroma with a hint of fruitiness. While the taste is not as robust as other CBD products, it is highly agreeable for many people. Users may experience dry eyes and mouth after smoking the product. While the effects of Big Bud are mild, you may experience dizziness or headache if you smoke too much.

This high starts slow, but when it reaches its peak, it creeps in big. Big Bud leaves you feeling very relaxed and euphoric. It can leave you couch-locked for the rest of the day, but that’s to be expected. Big Bud is a great option for people with chronic pain and those who are looking for an alternative to sleep pills. Those who suffer from chronic pain may want to consider trying it.

This strain is a bred indica-dominant hybrid that is 85% indica and 15% sativa. It first originated in the United States and was brought to the Netherlands in the 1980s to avoid the drug war. The name Big Bud comes from its massive bud, which is covered with visible sweet resin. As a result, it has a remarkably sweet taste.

It is a popular strain among indoor growers

The flavor and aroma of Big Bud is incomparable, with a sweet, spicy smell and a fruity undertone. This cannabis plant can grow up to 7 feet tall, but you can control its height by using a Screen of Green net or Sea of Green method. Its deep green leaves are compact, and its buds are covered with white trichomes.

The tall stature and flowering cycle of this cannabis strain make it perfect for both indoor and outdoor growers. Big Bud is ideal for warm climates, but it can also thrive in a hydroponic system. This plant has a thick stalk, so be prepared to give it support and bend it to the side when it reaches its peak. Flowering will take approximately seven to nine weeks, depending on the type of light your tent receives.

The bud’s size is another reason for Big Bud’s popularity. It has a comparatively fast flowering time, ranging from six to eight weeks, and produces three to six ounces of marijuana per square foot. As a result, Big Bud is ideal for outdoor growers who want to harvest their crop during the summer months. It is also ideal for those who like a fast, easy flowering time.

The flavor of Big Bud is sweet and spicy with a hint of fruit. While this cannabis strain induces a cerebral high, Big Bud is also known to make people feel happy and euphoric. This cannabis strain can cause couch-lock if used excessively. However, you should also keep water and food close by while using Big Bud. You may experience a mild headache or even eye dryness.

Big Bud Strain Review and Info

Big Bud Strain Review and Info Cannabis

We’ve written a previous review of Big Bud, an indica dominant hybrid known for its dense buds and fruity aroma. In this Big Bud review, we’ll take a closer look at this strain’s traits and what it can offer the cannabis consumer. Read on to learn more. Big Bud is a great choice for cannabis beginners and experienced growers alike. Here’s our Big Bud Strain Review and Info Cannabis.

Big Bud is an indica-dominant hybrid

The Big Bud is a heavily indica-dominant hybrid strain. This strain sedates the body and is perfect for fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and muscle spasms. It can also be useful for treating depression and anxiety. It can make you feel sleepy and hungry and is a good choice for preventing couch-lock. However, it is not recommended for use during work hours.

Despite its name, Big Bud has an intriguing lineage. The origins of the Big Bud are a mystery, but the cannabis variety was created in the USA during the early 1980s. The Dutch ‘war on drugs’ caused it to escape to their country, where its creators were able to cultivate it by clones. The seeds quickly became a popular choice among coffee shop owners. Then it won the Cannabis Cup, which increased its popularity further.

Big Bud is an indica-dominent hybrid with a high THC level of up to 26% and just 0.1% CBD. The bud itself is a dense olive green color with purple undertones, covered in a dense, sticky resin and frost crystals. The buds are also very potent, delivering a strong and long-lasting indica-type stone.

Although Big Bud is a hybrid, it is still regarded as an indica-dominant hybrid, as it produces massive yields with few leaves. However, the strain’s energizing effects are not overpowering. Its high THC level, combined with its calming effects, make it an excellent choice for evening use. One of the first things to keep in mind before you plant your marijuana is that Big Bud is an indica-dominant hybrid strain.

It produces dense buds

If you’re an indoor grower, you may have experienced disappointment when your marijuana plants don’t grow dense buds. But despite your disappointment, there are many ways to grow cannabis in the correct conditions that produce dense buds. You’ll need to give them equal lighting, the right nutrients, and pruning at the right stages to ensure that all of your plants are growing at the same rate. Here are some tips that will help you get dense buds:

The size of your cannabis nugs is determined by genetics, climate, and the kind of light you give them. Sativas are from warm tropical climates, so their nugs are airy. Indicas, on the other hand, grow in colder climates. Their dense buds are the result of their airy structure, which protects them from rot and mold. However, the density of your buds also depends on how much light you give your plants.

One of the advantages of Big Bud is its compatibility with all types of base nutrients. This strain is compatible with all pH Perfect(r) and non-pH-perfect base nutrients. Big Bud also performs well in hydroponics systems. For the best results, use Big Bud with other premium bud potentiator strains. A high-quality Big Bud strain will yield dense, beautiful flowers. And don’t forget to fertilize it with Big Bud.

Having good lighting is a key component of successful cannabis growing. Even if you’re a beginner, you can still get high-quality buds with the right light. Aim to keep temperatures in the 65-80 degree range. Don’t over-water your plants. They will require more care than you’d expect. You’ll also need to monitor humidity. Your cannabis plants will be much healthier if they’re growing in optimal conditions.

It has a fruity aroma

The Big Bud cannabis strain is known for its large buds and potent sedative effects. It has a fruity aroma and almost a woody flavor. Its high is very relaxing, making it a popular choice for movie night or a lazy movie day. It was created in the Netherlands in the 1980s, and since then it has been a prized strain for growers around the world.

This strain is adaptable to most climates, but does best in warm, sunny climates. Outdoors, it can grow as tall as 5 feet and can yield between 25 ounces and 50 oz per plant. It is also easy to grow and has a short flowering time, lasting only 50-65 days. It also does not grow to towering heights indoors, reaching 200-225 cm.

Big Bud starts slowly, but creeps up on you when it comes to a head high. It will leave you feeling relaxed, but may cause couch-lock if you consume too much. This cannabis strain is best suited for late-night use, as it can make you sleepy or hungry after a couple of hours. The Big Bud strain has a fruity aroma and a mild, sweet taste.

The Big Bud marijuana strain is heavily indica-dominant. Its heavy effects can help treat pain conditions, including chronic back ache, migraines, and fibromyalgia. The Big Bud cannabis strain also has medicinal benefits for anxiety, depression, and muscle spasms. Its heavy sedateness makes it an ideal choice for people suffering from chronic pain or who are looking for a high-quality high. However, it is best used in low-key, intimate contexts and not during work.

It has a smooth smoke

The BC Big Bud cannabis strain is a low-to-medium-growing plant with a very fruity aroma. The high is mellow, but with undertones of spice. It’s a very pleasant smoke and offers a sedative effect. While a little bit potent, this strain is a great choice for medicinal purposes. Regardless of the intended use, it’s a pleasant smoke with pleasant undertones.

While the Big Bud cannabis strain shares the genetic profile of the popular Jack Herer, it offers a more smooth smoke. Big Bud also has a sweet, earthy aroma and flavour, which makes it an excellent choice for a smooth, mellow smoke. This strain is great for beginners or experienced cannabis enthusiasts. Cannabis enthusiasts will appreciate the big buds and the high yields. Moreover, the smoke has a sweet aftertaste.

The Big Bud is an indica-dominant hybrid that is known to produce a body high and sedate the user. It’s also known to induce sleep and is ideal for relaxing after a long day at work. However, the Big Bud has its downsides as well. It may cause extreme thirst, dry mouth, and eyes, and may cause dizziness and paranoia. If you’re unsure about trying this strain, make sure to consult with a professional cannabis doctor before trying it.

The Big Bud marijuana strain will flower in approximately seven to eight weeks. It has a medium-high yield and will produce up to 45 grams per square foot, or about 1.5 ounces per plant. The flowers are large and will take about 10 days to cure. Once the buds are dry, but not brittle, they’ll be ready for harvest. Big Bud marijuana seeds are available as feminized and autoflowering.

It has high CBD levels

The Big Bud Strain is a highly resinous hybrid cannabis strain. Its high levels of CBD make it an excellent choice for medical cannabis. It takes 9 weeks to flower, but is very productive once fully grown. This strain is great for aches and pains and gives users deep relaxation. It is said to help fight depression and anxiety and help people sleep easier. But the CBD content in Big Bud is not the only benefit of this strain.

The Big Bud strain has a strong, sweet smell and a hint of fruitiness. Its flavor is both sweet and spicy, with a fruity undertone. While this strain is popular for helping with anxiety, pain, and stress, its sedative effects can make it difficult for some users to function. Big Bud can leave a person feeling drowsy and hungry, but is excellent for relieving insomnia.

This hybrid is a cross of the sativa phenotypes ACDC and Harle-Tsu. It contains a high percentage of CBD while only a few percent of THC. This strain is great for treating a number of ailments, without producing a high or feeling of intoxication. Its high CBD levels make it ideal for daytime activities. Its sativa dominant genetics produce a sweet and earthy flavor.

While Big Bud can provide relief for many symptoms, it isn’t an ideal choice for sleeping. It may cause munchies, so keep food and water nearby. Big Bud can cause couch-lock. Although it’s great for relieving pain, it’s not the best choice for those with severe insomnia or sleep disorders. In addition, Big Bud isn’t ideal for daytime use and is not recommended for tasks that require concentration.

Why Buy Big Bud Seeds From Us?

Buy Big Bud Seeds From Us Cannabis

If you are considering buying cannabis seeds, you’ve probably heard about Big Bud. This plant can grow up to 180 cm (70.8 inches) tall, but it’s also highly flexible. You can top it or tie it down before flowering to prevent it from overextending itself. And it’s also resistant to mold, even late in flowering. This makes it an excellent choice for high-altitude growing or mountainous regions.

80% germination guarantee

If you are unsure whether or not to buy a specific brand of cannabis seeds, a reputable company will offer an 80% germination guarantee. If you do not receive your seeds after several weeks, contact the company to see if you can get a refund. If so, they will replace your seeds for free. You can also contact them to ask about their other products.

Big Bud feminized seeds are easy to raise and grow. They can be grown both outdoors and indoors. You can also use a grow tent if you live in a cooler climate. To maximize the yield of your feminized plants, you should choose a growing environment with consistent temperatures between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because Big Bud seedlings do poorly in temperatures below that range.

When it comes to ordering cannabis seeds, ILGM is the top option. You can buy a variety of cannabis seeds and even find strains that are native to your area. Whether you’re looking for hybrids feminized seeds, or something else entirely, this online company offers reliable seed delivery. It is a reputable source of marijuana seeds, offering 80% germination guarantees on its Big Bud seeds.

In addition to a huge database of seeds, ILGM offers a large variety of growing guides and expert growing advice on its active forum. Their customer support is top-notch, and they promptly address any questions or concerns you may have. If your seed fails to germinate, ILGM will replace it at no cost to you. It also has free grow bibles and a YouTube channel with growing guides.


The Indica-dominant Big Bud feminized seed is an exemplary example of this strain. The result is a high-yielding strain that boasts a deep flavor profile and 80% indica genetics. It was found in the Netherlands during the Reagan Administration’s War on Drugs. Although the name Big Bud may sound like it was spelled backwards, it’s a fairly common indica.

While many indica-dominant strains begin slowly, Big Bud sneaks up on you when it comes time to get head high. The body high from Big Bud is so powerful that you may find yourself falling asleep and couch-locked within an hour. However, it is still possible to use the strain as an after-dinner sedative or during a binge-watching session.

The indica-dominant Big Bud is a great choice for growing weed indoors. This plant is known for its massive yields and high THC content of up to 22%. Indica-dominant Big Bud is an easy plant to grow indoors or outdoors, although hydroponic SOG methods work best. Big Bud seeds yield good crops regardless of the growing method.

The Big Bud marijuana strain has a long and storied history. It was originally developed in the US during the Nixon administration. After being destroyed by the drug war, it was brought to the Netherlands to be stabilized and bred again. It has won numerous cannabis cups and was used as a basis for many other strains. It is one of the few indica-dominant strains in the world.

80% indica

If you’re looking for a high-end marijuana seed that contains high levels of THC, the Big Bud feminized cannabis seeds might be right for you. These feminized marijuana seeds contain 15 to 20% THC and low levels of CBD. As a result, they provide plenty of medicinal benefits while remaining completely indica. And, they have strong indica roots, which means you won’t have to worry about growing a strain that’s too much or too little for your taste.

While this cannabis strain is 80% indica, its effects are not overwhelming. If you’re looking for a relaxing, happy high, try Big Bud. The high produced by this strain can make you feel hungry, sleepy, relaxed, and happy. It’s an effective way to relax and enjoy your favorite Netflix show or game without worrying about the onset of any adverse side effects. Big Bud can even make you stoned!

Big Bud Automatic is a feminized, 80% indica plant. It’s a high-yielding automatic variety that produces large, dense, resinous buds. Its feminized cousin, Big Bud Auto, has the same qualities as the original Big Bud, except for a shorter flowering time. The Big Bud Autoflowering version of the feminized Big Bud is a faster-flowering variety, beginning six to eight weeks after germination. It also has a shorter lifecycle, taking nine to 11 weeks to reach full maturity.

Dry mouth

When you’re shopping for cannabis seeds, you may be tempted to pick up a Big Bud feminized strain just because of its incredibly euphoric aroma. The reason for this is that weed’s aroma contains special chemicals that determine the flavor and character of the smoked product, and an experienced user can even deduce the type of effect from the aroma of a strain simply by smelling it.

This strain produces a pleasant fruity taste and an undertone of spice. Big Bud is considered one of the most calming strains, and it can leave you feeling completely relaxed. However, be aware that this potent weed strain can cause a dry mouth and a headache, so you should avoid this if you’re prone to such conditions. In addition, this weed strain may cause paranoia and dizziness. It can also make you feel ill and need medical treatment.

Besides being an unavoidable side effect of marijuana, dry mouth can also lead to serious oral complications. To prevent this, it’s best to drink plenty of water before smoking. Not only will this prevent your mouth from drying out, but also keep your mouth well-hydrated before and after your cannabis session. Water is vital to most bodily functions, including saliva production. If you’re prone to dry mouth, you’re more likely to experience severe oral complications.

Body numbing high

If you’re looking for a body numbing high, consider purchasing this marijuana strain. It’s known for promoting energy and creativity, and can give users a mild body-numbing high. The plant’s Hawaiian and Trainwreck parents give it a high THC content, but you can expect more than 25%. This high can make you feel drowsy and unmotivated, so be aware of this when purchasing it.

The Northen Light x Bigbud is a powerful, indica strain that produces resin-covered buds that feel like they’re covered in sugar. Its high CBD content is perfect for indoor growing, and is an excellent choice for those who want to fight anxiety and fear. Its high CBD content makes it suitable for any therapeutic use and is ideal for growers with small spaces.

Intense aroma

This strain produces a potent, sweet hash aroma, with hints of fruit and spicy flavors. The high is sedating, with bursts of euphoria and a touch of energy. Its aroma transports you to the middle of a dense pine forest. The aroma is derived from the compound pinene, which is also found in basil, orange rind, and parsley.

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when Big Bud began, but it was developed in the USA and later brought to the Netherlands to escape the American “War on Drugs.” Although Bigbud is a landrace indica, it was selectively bred for specific geographic conditions. It was crossed with Skunk #1, making it an excellent choice for growers with limited space. Big Bud is highly productive and produces big, resin-laden buds.

Big Bud feminized cannabis seeds are easy to grow. Big Bud feminized seeds are available in a pack of five or ten seeds, or as High Yield Mix Packs. High Yield Mix Packs include Chocolope, Amnesia Haze, and White Widow seeds. Unlike other cannabis strains, Big Bud feminized seeds grow to be 50 to 55 days indoors.

The ultimate has an intense, pungent aroma that changes several times during flowering. It may be pungent or sweet, depending on the phenotype. This aroma is best suppressed by carbon filters, as it tends to be stronger during the final four weeks of flowering. During the flowering process, the buds smell spicy or earthy, but when ground, they have a fruity aroma.

Big Bud Seeds For Sale Online

Whether you are an experienced grower or just a novice at using marijuana seeds, you will find Big Bud feminized seeds to be the perfect choice. The fast version produces bud in half the time and is indica dominant. While its sedative effects may be intoxicating, many users find it to be very relaxing and dreamy. To get the best results, you should follow some simple guidelines.

Fast version seeds produce bud in half the time

F1 Fast Version(r) cannabis genetics are a combination of elite autoflowering strains from Sweet Seeds’ bank of mother plants. This variety’s unique characteristics are dependent on one gene – the cb2 gene – and two possible alleles: the dominant and the recessive. Autoflowering is expressed only when both alleles are expressed through homozygosis.

These seeds grow like regular autoflowering strains, but will flower much sooner. Because they are photoperiod-dependent, they finish a crop much sooner than other cannabis strains. However, unlike autoflowers, they will still be ready to harvest by eight weeks, despite their short vegetative stages. In many cases, fast version cannabis seeds allow you to grow cannabis plants twice or three times a year. These fast-flowering strains do not affect the overall physical characteristics of the plant.

Big Bud Fast Version marijuana seeds are known for their consistently generous yields. These plants are compact and require little maintenance, so they are a good choice for both indoor and outdoor growing. In fact, they grow up to five feet tall when grown outdoors, but can be kept indoors as well. In either case, the plant will produce dense buds in half the time. And thanks to its low-maintenance nature, Big Bud Fast Version seeds can be kept fresh and ready to harvest any time.

Indica dominant

When it comes to indica seeds, there are some advantages to be had in purchasing these marijuana seeds. Indica is the most potent type of marijuana and requires only moderate growing experience. Its taste is earthy and sweet with notes of lemon and honey. Its high THC content (around 15-19%) gives a relaxing and powerful high. In addition to that, this type of marijuana seed is easily grown indoors and produces higher yields.

The plant grows fast and will need staking. It produces medium-sized, sticky buds that can weigh between 500 and 600 grams per square meter. Big Bud also benefits from long curing periods, which maintain the resinous coating of the plant. The resulting bud is dense and sticky, reminiscent of an Afghan. The smoke is dense and stoney and offers a relaxing body buzz. For beginners, Big Bud is an excellent choice.


Big Bud feminized seeds have been helping people for decades with pain management and relaxation. The strain provides a gentle, numbing sensation that can clear your schedule for hours. This strain is ideal for relaxing, chill-out days and even for evenings before bed. However, Big Bud is quite potent, so it’s best to start out slowly and gradually build up your tolerance. Big Bud is also an effective remedy for insomnia and depression.

Big Bud is an easy-to-grow hybrid that produces massive yields. Big Bud Feminized has been engineered to remove the non-flowering male plants. Big Bud Feminized is one of the most popular strains in recent decades. Its large, swollen flowers can make for a beautiful, long-lasting, and relaxing experience. Its fast flowering time and ease of maintenance make it the perfect plant for those with limited time to grow marijuana indoors.


If you’re looking for a potent hybrid, look no further than Dreamy Big Bud. This hybrid cannabis strain has an Indica-dominant genetic lineage that creates large, dense flowers that produce pine-scented resin. The buds can be a thick and sticky substance that is extremely difficult to break by hand. It’s also very easy to grow, and can be grown indoors or outdoors. For best results, use hydroponic SOG techniques for indoor cannabis cultivation. Harvesting is usually between 7 and 9 weeks.

The high from Dreamy Big Bud is deeply relaxing, with a body-numbing effect. It starts slow and builds gradually but has exceptional effects. It can cause couch-lock, but the effects are generally balanced and soothing. The mellow, happy feeling that Big Bud produces is an excellent way to wind down for a quiet night in. It is especially good before bed. A little bit goes a long way when it comes to relieving stress, and Big Bud is a popular strain for relaxation and sleep.


There are many different strains of marijuana, and one of the most popular ones is the Pleasant Big Bud. Known for its recreational and medicinal qualities, this weed will likely knock you out. The Big Bud can grow up to seven feet tall, and is best suited for growing outdoors in a sunny, warm climate. It needs a lot of space and is best harvested before fall, around mid-October. However, it does not produce many yields, so it is a good choice for growers who want to maximize the amount of cannabis they grow.

This marijuana seed produces a text book India high. THC levels range between sixteen and twenty percent. The high is relaxing, yet it’s not a very social strain. This marijuana strain is excellent for treating depression and insomnia, as well as chronic pain and arthritis. While Big Bud isn’t widely available, it’s worth the money. It can be feminized and has a pronounced fruity aroma.

High yielding

When searching for the best High yielding Big Bud Seeds for sale, you should first take the time to learn more about the process. There are several factors that you should consider to ensure your seeds are high in yield. First, be sure to conduct the float test, which can be done by placing them in distilled water. If the seeds float, they’re likely not very high quality. The next step is to read forums and get advice from experts.

The Critical marijuana plant is known for its monstrous yields, delightful terpene profile, and ease of growth. This strain has a short flowering time and doesn’t suffer from bud drought. The resulting buds are oozing with resin and have a potent body stone. Because of its superior genetics, this strain is incredibly popular. It’s also quick to sell out.


The Big Bud is a feminized, Indica-dominant cannabis strain. The genetic lineage is derived from Northern Lights and Skunk #1. It grows quickly and yields generous crops of dense buds covered in resin. Big Bud is a fast-flowering variety that requires a tutor during flowering. Big Bud seeds are excellent for beginners as well as advanced growers, and will produce high-quality crops no matter the type of growing environment.

The flavors and aromas of Big Bud are earthy, sweet, floral, and vintage. The buds have a lingering fragrance that is pleasant yet subtle. Its THC level is 17% and will not cause you to get high from this strain late into flowering. To store your Big Bud seeds, keep them in an airtight jar. They will last longer if stored in a tightly-closed jar.

Sensi Seeds

When marijuana became legal in the US, it spawned an unprecedented war on drugs. That war was the real birth of the Big Bud strain. Developed by Sensi Seeds, Big Bud is 85% indica and is a superb choice for growing outdoors. However, the infamous plant had a troubled history in the United States, and many breeders had fled the country. As a result, the strain gained fame throughout Europe and even in the US, and its genetics were preserved by the company.

The Big Bud strain was originally a clone-only variety, but Sensi Seeds crossed it with Skunk and Afghani genes to produce a more potent, high-yielding variety. The strain’s 16% THC content makes it an excellent choice for home and commercial growers alike. Its powerful, yet mellow effects help combat anxiety and stress. Big Bud won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1989.


AK-48 is a super-durable feminized hybrid with large yields and a quick flowering period. This strain produces high-THC, mind-altering effects, and is perfect for any climate. A four-way cross of Colombian Gold x Thai x Mexican x Afghani, this strain produces dense buds with a high THC content. While its origins are unknown, many famous breeders have recreated it.

Growers who are looking for a discreet, high-yielding strain with a rich, flavorful buzz should consider using AK-48 Big Bud seeds. This strain is not only easy to grow but is also disease resistant. It’s recommended for regions that experience short Summers. It also grows well indoors in a climate-controlled environment. However, it’s important to keep a close eye on the growing conditions.

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