How Do You Feminize Seeds Cannabis Marijuana

How Do You Feminize Seeds Cannabis Marijuana?

If you’re wondering, “How do you feminize seeds for cannabis marijuana?” then you have come to the right place. This article will explain the different techniques used to feminize cannabis seeds, including using Colloidal silver, Hermies, and untreated bud sites. Here’s a quick guide to get you started. Then, follow our tips for growing the best cannabis!

Colloidal silver

If you are looking for a way to feminize cannabis seeds, colloidal silver may be the answer. This substance has been used for generations to produce a female x male cross. When used properly, colloidal silver can be the most effective method for feminizing seeds. However, it is important to note that it is not the only method to feminize cannabis seeds.

The process of making feminized seeds with colloidal silver is a simple and effective method that is nearly 100% guaranteed to work. The silver travels through the flowers and induces their toxicity. This is the same principle that STS uses to feminize cannabis seeds, bringing that figure to 100%. During the process, you will need to separate the male and female flowers of the plant.

Once the female cannabis plant has emerged from the male bud, spray it with colloidal silver. Within 10 days, the male pollen sacs will begin to form. The silver ions in the water will act as an ethylene inhibitor, forcing female buds to form male pollen balls. This will cause the female buds to crack and open a section of leaf that protects pollen. When this process is complete, the female cannabis plants will have female flowers.

To feminize your cannabis seeds, you can either choose to cross two strains or rodelize them with colloidal silver. The key is to have perfect timing and control over the pollen yield. If you want to create a balanced strain, the first step is to choose the phenotype that you want. After selecting the female seeds, you can use them to produce a variety of new strains.


One of the major problems when feminizing cannabis seeds is the possibility of hermies. Cannabis plants can express both genders of flowers, but in most cases, she will not express this trait under normal growing conditions. However, hermies can be enhanced with the use of Gibberelic acid and colloidal silver. This method also increases the penetrance of hermie genes in the seedlings, making them more likely to co-express flowers.

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Hermies are also known as hermaphrodites. These cannabis plants resemble female plants, but they have male parts instead of female parts. These parts produce pollen, which creates seedy buds that look like male plants. You can prevent this problem by not pollinating hermie cannabis seeds. If you want to ensure that your seeds are feminized, make sure that they were produced by a reliable seed bank.

While feminized cannabis seeds can cause hermies, they do not require a high degree of intersexuality to produce them. White Label and Sensi Seeds have developed methods that allow for the production of feminized cannabis seeds from any female plant. Since intersexuality is a natural part of the cannabis genome, the feminized seeds are not necessarily hermaphrodites.

True hermaphrodites are less common but can still occur. This type of plant grows male and female flowers in different parts of the plant. The plant’s nutrient status and stress levels are some of the main reasons for hermaphroditism, as are poor genetics. To avoid feminizing your cannabis plants, you should make sure that the light doesn’t leak out.

Untreated bud sites

When feminizing cannabis seeds, you must treat the bud sites of the plant. The male plants will develop a pollen sac, while the female ones will develop an untreated bud site. Colloidal silver is recommended as a fungicide, but you should not smoke it. The pollen sac will eventually crack open and release pollen. Then, you can collect the pollen from the feminized marijuana plant.

When feminizing cannabis seeds, you must treat the bud sites of the plant with silver thiosulfate or another fungicide. The process will prevent male plants from producing flowers, resulting in only female plants. The untreated bud sites will produce female buds. In case the male bud site doesn’t form a female one, you can treat the bud sites with colloidal silver or gibberellic acid.

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Modern marijuana growers use advanced techniques to feminize cannabis seeds. They achieve an over 95% success rate. Earlier attempts at feminizing seeds had a low success rate. A female plant with a hermaphroditic tendency would produce male flowers when stressed. With the latest methods, feminization of cannabis seeds has become easier and faster. And the feminized cannabis plant is guaranteed to produce flowers.

Once you’ve prepared your marijuana seeds for feminization, you should apply a thin layer of feminized pollen. Apply it on the female plants’ bud sites (where leaves meet the stem). Pollen will only be present on the buds that come in contact with it. You can either pollinate all buds at once or select a few buds to pollinate. Just be sure to touch the female pistils/hairs on the female plants.


The first step in using pollen to fertilize your cannabis plants is collecting it. Collect the pollen from the female plant you want to use to make seeds. Remove the pollen sacs gently and store them in a resealable bag for at least 48 hours. The humidity level should be between 30 and 60 percent. The pollen should thaw easily if you shake the bag.

To collect pollen, cut a cluster of male flowers from the plant. You can use scissors to break off the cluster, which contains the pollen sac. Next, place the flower cluster on a micron-mesh screen, shake gently to separate it from the plant, and let the pollen fall through the screen. Once the pollen is collected, place it on a piece of paper to dry. Note: Pollen from cannabis plants should not be wet.

The process of collecting pollen from cannabis plants is relatively easy, but it’s worth noting that the process can be time-consuming. You can buy high-grade pollen in certain parts of the world, but it’s very expensive. If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, consider collecting your own pollen. This method will be cheaper, easier, and more rewarding than using pollen from a commercial source.

When selecting male plants, choose those with the most vigorous and productive flowering stages. Ensure that the male plants are larger than their female counterparts. This will ensure that pollen will be more evenly dispersed throughout the flowering cycle. Then, remove the female flowers from the male plants. Be sure to separate the male and female plants to prevent cross-pollination. You can also use fans to circulate the pollen around the room.

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Chemical stimulation

In the nineties, the market began to embrace feminized cannabis seeds. At that time, many breeders were selling plants that were both intersex and purely female. While some growers were worried that their plants would become hermaphrodite, this wasn’t the case in most cases. Hermie seeds are prone to seedlings with weak genetics. In extreme cases, female cannabis plants can become pollinated by males.

To prevent intersex cannabis, feminized seeds must induce the female parent plant to produce pollen sacs and fertilize the other female. The seeds are then used in flowering plants. These plants will then produce flowers instead of male parts. In addition to the increased yields, these plants will also produce more usable bud than males. For the purposes of feminization, professional breeders use chemical stimulation to promote strong genetics.

A study of the effects of different sex manipulation techniques used in medical cannabis has found that colloidal silver has the greatest impact. It has been shown that colloidal silver can induce male flowers in female cannabis plants. This is the first study of its kind to show the effect of colloidal silver on female cannabis plants. These results are important because they allow the cannabis seed to become a reproductive organ, producing female flowers.

There are several types of plants that may respond well to chemical stimulation. Using gibberellic acid or colloidal silver in combination with fertilizer can cause female cannabis plants to produce pollen. However, these plants can also produce hermie pollen, and seeds produced by them will be female. Using this technique is not recommended for novice growers. However, commercial breeders may have used the process in some cases and it can be effective in producing feminized cannabis seeds from plants with excellent genetics.

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