How to Make Feminine Marijuana Seeds

How to Make Feminine Marijuana Seeds

To make feminized marijuana seeds, you must first understand how pollen sacs work. After pollination, the female plant’s pollen sacs open and swell. Feminized pollen can be collected from these cracked sacs and fertilize your female plant during the flowering stage. After six weeks of flowering, the calyxes of female plants become swollen and fat.


In order to produce marijuana seeds that are exclusively female, rodelization is a process that stops the plant from developing hermaphrodites. By suppressing the female’s light cycle, rodelization causes her to stagnate during the flowering stage and develops pollen sacs. Farmers harvest this pollen and apply it to female cannabis plants that do not exhibit hermaphrodite traits. These seeds are then deemed to be female.

The most common process for creating feminized cannabis seeds is called rodelization. It is not completely natural, however, and can result in plants that are hermaphrodite. Hermaphrodite plants do not produce much pollen, and if they are left to flower for too long, they will develop male pollen sacs. These male pollen sacs contain pollen, which is used to pollinate female cannabis plants.

In the past, cannabis plants were forced to produce pollen, and this pollen was used to fertilize other female plants. Modern feminization methods are more successful, and many of today’s feminized seeds are entirely female. The seeds of feminized plants are 99% female. Interestingly, if a female cannabis plant is left to flower for too long, it can grow male organs. This is a result of the plant trying to pollinate other female plants, but in reality, it is a female cannabis plant.

The first step in the process of rodelization is to dry the pollen sacs of the female cannabis plants. By allowing the male flowers to dry and break down, the pollen will come out. After that, the seeds are ready for planting. They should be stored in airtight glass containers. The process can take a month to complete. After this, the seeds will have a protective coat to prevent mold and keep the terpenes.

Colloidal silver

To make colloidal-silver-feminized marijuana seeds, prepare a distilled solution of silver particles in water. Make sure that the solution is at least 15 parts per million (ppm) silver. Then, spray the female cannabis plants just after they’ve flowered with the solution. The female marijuana plant will produce pollen in response. After 20 minutes, the solution should be pale gold. Then, let the mixture cool.

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First, choose a female marijuana seed. This is because you want to ensure that the pollen is removed from the female seeds. Then, use a feminization breeding program to create new strains of female marijuana. You can also use a colloidal-silver generator, which is a plug and play unit. Using one is easy and requires no special skills. The results will be worth the effort.

Colloid-silver is a common mineral solution that has many uses. Professional breeders and seed banks use it to make 100% feminized cannabis seeds. The results are proven in gardens and farms all around the world. It’s also a popular dietary supplement. Some popular brands of colloidal-silver are Trace Minerals Research, Silver Oxide, and Collab-Silver nitrate.

The use of colloidal-silver in cannabis seeds has numerous benefits. Among them are feminization and sterilization, which can improve yields and plant sustainability. To make colloidal-silver-feminized cannabis seeds, you will need the best female cannabis plants available. Start by separating female plants from flowering plants. Then, wait a few weeks until they flower. If the seeds do, they will develop into feminized marijuana plants in as little as three to six weeks.

Natural herming

Herming is a natural process in which cannabis plants acquire the reproductive organs of both genders. It is an excellent way to produce feminized cannabis seeds. Cannabis plants that are hermaphrodites don’t shed pistils, but acquire male reproductive pieces while maintaining their feminine parts. Hermaphrodite cannabis plants are commonly known as “hermies,” since they have both male and female reproductive organs. They can pollinate the seeds of other feminine crops.

The female cannabis plant produces pollen and flowers. Cannabis seeds produced from hermaphrodite plants are much higher in yield. Besides a high yield, female cannabis seeds are also highly aromatic. Farmers use female cannabis seeds to increase their yield. The process of feminization requires a lot of labor and research. In some cases, cultivators may detect pollen-bearing plants to avoid corrupting the cannabis plant.

Despite the high risk of herming, a female cannabis plant can still produce pollen during the flowering stage. Hermies are an occasional, natural survival response in cannabis plants. If a plant has an unsatisfactory environment, it may produce male intercourse organs. Identifying hermies is crucial to the success of a cannabis harvest. If cultivators don’t notice herming early enough, the entire crop will be at risk.

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Cloning a female plant

You can grow more than one clone of a cannabis plant by dividing it. For this purpose, you can use cuttings from any female cannabis plant. You can use woody branches and shoots, but make sure you use soft tissue and avoid cloning plants with hollow inner walls, as these tend to wilt easily. To prevent this from happening, use a sterile cutting medium and place it in a dark, shaded area.

The advantages of cloning marijuana are numerous, but they are relatively small compared to those of seeds. Cannabis clones come from female cannabis plants and are guaranteed to be female. They save you the trouble of germination and let you enjoy more marijuana. In addition to this, they have the same genetic code as their mother plant, meaning that you can clone them again. While this method may not be for everyone, it’s a good option for those seeking a higher yield or greater potency from their cannabis plants.

When choosing a mother cannabis plant for cloning, make sure to select one that is about two months old and has had enough time to complete its vegetative phase. You should avoid fertilizing the mother plant before taking the cuttings, as the nitrogen from the leaves can trick the clones into growing root systems and vegetation. Finally, work in a sterile environment and disinfect all tools and equipment. Once you have made your decision, start looking for a suitable mother plant.

Pollination of a female plant

To make a successful cross between male and female cannabis plants, you must first successfully pollinate a female cannabis plant. Female cannabis flowers contain split anthers and white-yellow stigmas. Once pollinated, the flowers will produce seeds. Once they are mature, the female cannabis plant will show signs of pollination. Then, you need to introduce male pollen to the female plant. If you are unsure how to pollinate a cannabis plant, here are a few tips.

Female cannabis plants have very different needs than male ones. For example, unpollinated female cannabis plants focus on seed production instead of the larger, resinous buds that make them popular. Consequently, most growers do not bother with male plants. They are either removed or killed to prevent seed-filled harvests. Fortunately, female cannabis plants are relatively easy to pollinate. Pollination of a female cannabis plant is not difficult, but you should make sure that you have enough female plants to avoid a large male crop.

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Whether a male or female cannabis plant is more desirable is not entirely clear until the plant is in flowering stage. Generally, female plants are a little bit later than male ones, so you must wait until the female cannabis plants have pistils on their stalks. Male cannabis plants produce tiny balls of pollen that burst open and spill out pollen. If you don’t notice the pollen sacs until the female plant starts to flower, you can’t count on the male plants being successful in the process.

Success rate of feminized seeds

Using feminized cannabis seeds is a great way to increase your chances of growing female plants. The chances are 99% that you’ll get a female plant when you grow feminized seeds. Another way to improve your success rate is to stress out your female plants a bit before they produce seeds. You can spray your female plants with silver solution to induce them to produce female plants. These methods are both effective, but take some time.

A female marijuana seed has a high success rate, even though the plant is genetically modified to be male. These seeds were developed to produce female pollen, just like male marijuana plants. But because of their special chromosome makeup, the female plant will reproduce only with female chromosomes. This process is called rodelization, and the result is a higher-quality plant. This process ensures that the marijuana plant will produce female flowers and will not produce male pollen.

The natural way to achieve feminization is called rodelization. This method works by altering the actions of the plant. After harvest, keep female cannabis plants in a flowering stage. Pollen sacs will form under stress. These sacs contain pollen, which can be harvested. Rodelization works best with cannabis strains that develop pollen sacs under stress. A naturally hermaphrodite plant will also produce more female flowers.

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