How to Make Feminized Cannabis Seeds

How to Make Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Breeding seeds is an art form, and breeding cannabis feminized seeds is no different. If you fail the first time, do not let that discourage you. You will learn and improve your efforts next time. Here are some tips on how to make feminized cannabis seeds. You can also use nature’s method to feminize your seeds:

Nature’s way of feminizing cannabis seeds

If you want to make your own female cannabis plants, Nature’s way of feminizing marijuana seeds can be your solution. Female plants are capable of producing large amounts of pollen. This pollen is then collected by female plants. The next stage of feminization is the collection of pollen by female cannabis plants. The next step is critical, because the pollen is collected only after the female plants have swollen pollen sacs. But timing is everything. If the pollen sacs burst, they will pollinate nearby female plants.

If you want to grow marijuana for smoking, you will need to collect colas before the plants flower. If you are growing for new cannabis seeds, you can let nature do half the work. You should only care for your plants during the flowering phase. Then, let them rest under the same conditions for two or three weeks. After that, you’ll notice that the flowers have anthers and stamens. These organs are responsible for producing pollen.

Using cannabis seeds with a feminized trait makes it easier to produce female marijuana plants. Although female marijuana does not produce pollen, there is no need for it to be fertilized. Feminized cannabis seeds are produced from any female plant. Companies like White Label and Sensi Seeds use this technique to make female cannabis seeds. Since intersexuality is inherent in the cannabis genome, feminized seeds do not increase the chance of plants being hermaphrodites.

Traditionally, feminized seeds are obtained by forcing male flowers to appear on female plants. This method is used extensively in medical cannabis production, which relies on phenotypically female plants. However, this method has its disadvantages. One major drawback is that the pollen donor plant will have strong intersexual tendencies and may be passed on to subsequent seeds. Therefore, it is imperative to breed feminized cannabis seeds in order to produce female marijuana plants.

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Several genetic pathways are involved in the process of sex expression in cannabis. The genes that are expressed are involved in phytohormone signaling, floral development, and the metabolism of lipids and sugar. Because cannabis plants have multiple levels of sex expression, this process can be done on many different levels. So, what can you do to improve the outcome? It all depends on your genetics.


Rodelization is a method of feminizing cannabis seeds, which uses the hermaphrodite gene to produce female marijuana plants. This method does not involve the use of harmful chemicals or external factors. Compared to other methods, the Rodelization method is much simpler and more reliable. However, this method may not work as well for every strain. Here are some things to consider before attempting rodelization.

First, cannabis seeds can be male or female. The female plant can develop male flowers, which are different from the fluffy female buds. The male flowers are capable of pollinating the female plant, creating feminized seeds. Alternatively, the female plant can grow male flowers as well. If the male flowers are fertilized, the resulting seeds will be female. This process is called rodelization. However, it can be tricky.

A female plant may be stressed and grow a male ball as a last resort. When this occurs, the female plant has no other option but to self-pollinate. Once it has completed the self-pollination process, it will produce seeds. These seeds will contain DNA from the same female plant. And if it is successful, it will produce seeds. Regardless, rodelization is not an ideal method to obtain feminized cannabis seeds.

A scientific method of rodelization is based on the use of colloidal silver or gibberellic acid. The method requires the use of plants in an artificial environment. If the plants are artificially stressed, the female will try to pollinate itself, resulting in feminized marijuana seeds. And, of course, male plants are useful for breeding. This method is a more natural way to feminize marijuana seeds and is also affordable.

There are many other methods for rodelization of cannabis seeds, and each method can yield 100% feminized marijuana seeds. Colloidal silver is a silver compound, and is used to inhibit female flowering hormones. In contrast, male flowering hormones dominate the female plant. So, cannabis seeds produced by this method are a 100 percent female plant. This method is effective for most varieties and is highly recommended for home gardeners.

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Collecting pollen

There are many methods for collecting and storing pollen. Some growers prefer to store pollen in airtight containers, while others prefer to use ziplock bags. No matter what method you choose, you’ll need a cool, dark environment with low humidity. Pollen should be stored in an airtight container to keep light out and moisture out. You can also freeze pollen in liquid nitrogen to store it for long periods.

First, collect male flowers. Do this carefully and check for pollen explosions. Then, let the flowers dry for two to three weeks. Shake the flowers to release pollen. Once you have the pollen, you can use it to create female cannabis seeds or store it for future use. You can also store it in a container to keep it fresh. You can store up to 30 grams of pollen to make approximately 300 feminized cannabis seeds.

To harvest female cannabis seeds, wait until the flower is fully mature and its pollen sacs have opened. These sacs will open up, and the leaf section protecting the pollen will crack. When the leaves are ready to harvest, you can collect pollen directly from the flower. You can use a plastic bag or a glass bowl to collect pollen. The pollen should spill out easily when shaken.

After collecting pollen, the next step is flowering. After the male cannabis plants have started flowering, the female ones are developing pollen sacs and will begin collecting pollen. Collecting pollen is not difficult, but you have to pay attention to timing. When pollen sacs are full and ready, they might burst and pollinate nearby female plants. This is why it is important to watch the plants for a couple of weeks before harvesting pollen.

A female cannabis plant cannot produce seeds without pollen. In other words, female cannabis plants cannot produce their own seeds without male plants. This means that you must collect pollen from male cannabis plants, which will ensure that the seeds produced will be female. It is also unprofitable to collect pollen from male cannabis plants unless you are sure they are male. For the most part, this method works well and will not cost you anything.

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Fertilizing cannabis plants

For successful marijuana plant growth, you must regularly feed your plant with a pH-balanced water solution and fertilizer. You can fertilize your cannabis plants weekly or more frequently depending on the specific needs of your plant. Before you start fertilizing, you should first do some research about the optimal fertilization schedule for cannabis plants. The bottle of nutrient solution should specify the amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium it contains.

Organic fertilizers like fish byproducts and kelp byproducts are great for your marijuana plants. They also keep waste out of landfills, which is good for the environment. Compost also helps retain moisture. If you don’t want to buy fertilizer, you can simply use compost from your own garden. Mix it with the soil or lay it on top of it. Once it’s ready, your cannabis plant will have the nutrients it needs.

When choosing fertilizers, check the pH level of the soil. Fertilizing marijuana plants can significantly increase the yields. Aerated compost tea can boost your marijuana plants’ yields by 20 percent or more. Fertilizing cannabis plants with animal manure can also improve their quality. This fertilizer works wonders for pot plants. Moreover, it’s safe for your cannabis plants as it contains fungi and microorganisms.

You can reduce the availability of nitrogen in the cannabis plant’s soil by applying a balanced 7:7:7 fertilizer. During flowering, your plant doesn’t need as much nitrogen as it needs during the vegetative stage, but it needs extra potassium to promote resinous flowers. Fertilizing your cannabis plants with a higher potassium fertilizer during this phase is recommended for best results. You should wait until the leaves turn yellow before you apply fertilizer to them.

Another natural solution for fertilizing cannabis plants is animal manure. This solution contains essential nutrients such as potassium and lime. It can also be used in compost heaps. However, wet ash can pose health risks for humans and animals. In addition, animal manure can contain pathogens. Therefore, it is important to make sure to use it carefully. If you don’t like animal manure, you can use bean water (also known as aquafaba).

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