The Pros And Cons Of Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

The Pros And Cons Of Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

When choosing autoflowering cannabis seeds, you must be aware of the pros and cons associated with this method of growing. In this article, we’ll discuss germination rate, yields, Sativa/Indica genetics, and how to grow cannabis with autoflowering seeds. If you’re looking for a reliable source of autoflowering seeds, you’ve come to the right place!

Growing autoflowering seeds

If you’re a novice grower, growing autoflowering cannabis seeds might be the best option for you. These plants do not require a specific light timetable or have a longer maturation period than photoperiod marijuana plants. They can be left under 18 hours of sunlight and produce a higher yield. Autoflowering cannabis seeds, however, do require more electricity and will cost more to run. Learn more about growing cannabis with these seeds to get a head start on your next project.

When choosing a strain, make sure to consider what you’re looking for in a cannabis plant. Regular cannabis seeds produce equal numbers of male and female offspring. This method is preferred by many old-school growers, and accounts for only two or three percent of all cannabis seed sales. Regular cannabis seeds are easier to grow than autoflower plants, and they can be propagated from cuttings. But autoflower plants are more difficult to propagate than regular cannabis plants, and you’ll have to remove the males to reproduce a female.

When growing autoflowering cannabis seeds, it’s important to choose the right medium. You don’t need to use a special soil for autoflowering cannabis. You can use a light mix soil, but it’s best to leave it for a couple of weeks before transplanting. To avoid this, you can also try using Living Soil amendments. These are great for any kind of light-growing cannabis plant, but for the best results, choose one that’s specifically designed for autoflowering.

Germination rate

If you have recently bought autoflowering marijuana seeds, you may be wondering how to increase the germination rate. There are several factors that contribute to this. First, be sure to choose the right container. A small window ledge may offer less space for the root system, but it will receive less light than a larger pot would. Secondly, the best method is to germinate the seeds on wet paper towels.

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Once you have chosen a suitable container, place your autoflower cannabis marijuana seeds in it. You can use any growing medium, but it is recommended to choose one with a proper PH level. Too much moisture may promote the development of bacteria and may cause your seedlings to rot. To avoid this problem, you should purchase autoflower seeds from reputable sources that guarantee 80% germination. You can also choose to buy feminized seeds if you prefer.

Regardless of how you decide to germinate your cannabis marijuana seeds, it is important to remember that these are very delicate plants. Overwatering can suffocate the delicate sprout. If you are concerned about the germination rate of your autoflowering cannabis marijuana seeds, keep in mind that the time required for the seeds to sprout depends on the temperature. However, there are ways to ensure the best growth conditions and maximize your yield.


One of the first questions you may ask yourself if you are planning to grow autoflowers is how much will each plant produce. This is a complex question because autoflowers have varying Indica/Sativa characteristics. The most productive autoflowers will typically yield more buds and lower veg weights. It is essential to know what to look for in a seed catalog before you purchase them.

Regardless of the breed of seeds you select, you should always look for one with a high yield. Autoflowering cannabis seeds produce high amounts of buds. Autoflowers have a characteristic smell, a high number of trichomes, and a specific flavor. The yields of autoflowers vary from 1.8 grams to eight ounces of finished product. The amount of cannabis produced per plant depends on the type of seed used, the growing environment, and the amount of nutrients you provide.

Indoor yields are usually lower than outdoor ones. Because of the compact surroundings, an indoor cannabis plant’s yield will be lower. However, there are super autoflowers that can yield as much as 200 grams. With the right cultivation techniques and the right autoflowering cannabis marijuana seeds, you can maximize the yield of your plants. Yields will depend on your personal preferences and your environment. However, keep in mind that autoflowers require less maintenance than conventional cannabis plants.

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Sativa/Indica genetics

Autoflowering marijuana seeds have Sativa and Indica genetics and are bred to have the characteristics of both. The first autoflowering marijuana seeds were developed by crossing Sativa varieties with their Ruderalis cousin, which is native to Northern Asia, Eastern Europe, and Russia. In this way, autoflowering cannabis seeds are hybrids of both types and are able to produce flowers in approximately 60 days.

Despite their similarities, autoflowering cannabis seeds still feature Sativa-dominant traits. For example, sativa varieties are tall and have narrower leaves. Indica plants are compact and have deep dark green fan leaves. The sativa variety, referred to as Maui Wowie, is commonly regarded as a strange looking plant. The OG Kush autoflower is a good example of this.

Autoflowering marijuana seeds are generally more compact, require less space to grow and are a lower yield compared to traditional strains. Autoflowering cannabis seeds also have lower yields than regular strains, but can be smoked more frequently. As long as the plants are grown in a climate that supports the type of cannabis plant they are, you should be fine. And remember, autoflowering cannabis seeds are just as fun to grow as regular strains.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are a low maintenance and versatile option for home growers. You can get plants with different levels of potency by crossing regular non-autoflowering strains with ruderalis and other varieties. The autoflowering cannabis seeds also provide more genetic diversity than regular cannabis seeds. It’s up to you to experiment with these seeds. If you want to try autoflowering cannabis seeds, consider breeding some of your regular strains with them – you’ll be glad you did!


It is possible to clone an autoflowering plant, but this does not increase the yield. Even though autoflowering cannabis seeds can be grown from cuttings, you cannot bring a clone back to a vegetative state. This makes them ineffective for feminized seedlings, which must be feminized. Therefore, you should only clone feminized autoflowering cannabis seeds.

In the cloning process, you take a cutting from the mother plant. This cutting will develop into a new plant, with identical genetics to the mother plant. The advantages of cloning are obvious: you can make multiple clones of your favorite strain, and each clone will have the exact same traits as the original. This allows you to have a larger variety of cannabis plants, and you can grow more of them without the expense of buying a large number of seedlings.

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Cloneability of autoflowering cannabis seeds is also more difficult than with traditional plants. You cannot clone autoflowering cannabis seeds if you don’t have the right lighting conditions, but autoflowering strains have a distinct advantage over traditional varieties. Because of their light cycle, you can artificially change its duration to be as long as you want, even if your plant doesn’t grow as fast as a conventional plant.

Choosing a reputable seed bank

Cannabis seeds have a complicated relationship with the law. Buying marijuana seeds from a seed bank in the US is generally legal, but some states may clamp down on the sale of cannabis seeds. While all seed banks ship to the USA, some have trouble accepting payments from U.S. residents. Therefore, if you are in a state that bans cannabis seeds, make sure to choose a reputable, reliable cannabis seed bank.

Consider the history of the seed bank. Although some new seed banks are unreliable, those that have been around for several years are likely to be legit and trustworthy. Some seed banks offer only certain methods of payment, such as cash, money orders, certified checks, or Bitcoin. If this is the case, it’s better to avoid those seed banks. Some seed banks ship internationally. In this case, consider using an international seed bank.

The is a reputable cannabis seed bank in the Netherlands. This Dutch-based company has an extensive catalogue of strains and ships to different parts of the world. Moreover, MSNL also offers special deals for their seeds. Among them are free seeds with every order, 15 percent off Bitcoin purchases, and up to 50 percent off selected strains. As an added bonus, this company’s reputation has helped it grow into a reliable brand among marijuana users worldwide.

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