What is the Hardest Cannabis Strain to Grow?

What is the hardest cannabis strain to grow

There is a question that many cannabis enthusiasts are curious about: what is the hardest cannabis strain to grow? Well, there are several answers to this question, and the answer will vary depending on the type of plant you are growing. But, let’s discuss a few of the popular cannabis strains and what makes them difficult to grow.

Dr. Grinspoon

One of the hardest cannabis strains to grow is Dr. Grinspoon. This plant can be hard to cultivate because of its unique bud structure. In order to successfully grow this plant, you need to be patient and willing to invest a little bit of expertise.

While the genetics of this sativa can make it difficult to grow, it’s a well-liked variety. It offers an energetic high and helps with depression, fatigue and stress.

However, this strain can also cause side effects. Generally, the effects will go away after use. If you’re not experienced, you should start with a lighter dose. Using too much can lead to more severe side effects.

The flowering process for this strain is long and complicated. It takes about thirteen to fourteen weeks for the plant to finish flowering. Because of its complexity, it’s not the best choice for first-time growers.

You can expect to grow up to twelve ounces from one plant. You’ll also need to give it a lot of attention.

The buds are shaped like beads and hang freely on thin stems. They also have a distinctive citrus fragrance. During the flowering phase, they can turn purple. When the plants are ready to be harvested, the calyxes will form pearl-like structures.

Skywalker OG

Skywalker OG is one of the strongest weed strains available. It is also a popular cannabis variety. This strain can offer pain relief, stress management and more.

Its flavor is earthy and spicy. The odor is pungent and smells like crushed pine cones. Its trichomes are dense and frosty, making the buds sparkle.

One of the top medical marijuana strains, Skywalker OG is a great choice for patients with insomnia and other sleep disorders. Patients suffering from depression or anxiety may benefit from this strain as well.

Growing Skywalker OG requires some attention. Although the plant is easy to cultivate, it is difficult to make it thrive. Inexperienced growers should not attempt to grow this strain. They can however, purchase growing equipment from a local store or online.

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This strain can be grown indoors or outdoors. However, it is best to grow this strain in a sunny, warm environment. Indoors, it should be planted early in the spring. Growers should regularly monitor humidity to prevent mold from developing. A Skywalker OG plant can be harvested between 60 and 70 days after vegetative growth.

Known for its high THC levels, this cannabis strain can be beneficial for easing chronic pain and helping to manage anxiety. It can also relieve nausea, particularly for cancer patients.

White Widow

White Widow is one of the most famous cannabis strains in the world. She is an indica dominant hybrid that has a wide range of effects. In particular, it is known for its high THC content.

Often referred to as a chill cannabis strain, White Widow has a powerful effect on the body, mind and emotions. Its uplifting cerebral buzz and high-quality buds have been prized by growers for decades.

Whether grown indoors or outdoors, White Widow is easy to grow. The strain’s genetics provide for rapid blooming and strong bud structure.

When grown in optimal conditions, the White Widow cannabis seeds produce a plant that is mold and disease resistant. It is also well suited for urban greenhouses and warm climates.

White Widow has been a popular crossbreeding candidate for years. As a result, many new strains have been developed. One of these is the Blueberry White Widow. This hybrid produces a quick-growing plant with dense buds and an intensely citrusy smell.

Although it is known for its indica-like effects, White Widow can have a sativa-like flowering pattern. For that reason, it is ideal for SOG and SCROG grow methods.

White Widow can be planted in containers, but its heavy side branches make it more suited for indoor grow. Growers should be careful not to over-water their plants. Also, make sure to keep a good quality carbon filter in the grow room.


A little bit of a mystery, Freakshow is an odd looking cannabis strain. Its effervescent terpene profile makes for an interesting flavor profile. You’ll find citrus, grapefruit, and herbal hints of basil and thyme.

Although Freakshow is said to have a stimulating high, the strain isn’t designed for a couch lock. Instead, it boosts energy and creativity. For this reason, it’s perfect for daytime use. The strain also has some aphrodisiac qualities.

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The strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that yields a high THC level of 18%. This makes it a popular choice among medical users, as well as recreational users. However, it’s not a recommended choice for beginners.

In addition to its strange appearance, the plant’s other notable traits are its high yield, hefty buds, and impressive bud sites. It’s also resistant to pests and mildew. As a result, Freakshow can grow in regular garden conditions.

While the plant may be a little difficult to grow, its terpene-rich and sativa-heavy profile has some breeders excited. One of the best things about the strain is its aroma. The plant’s sour grapefruit and citrus notes translate into a fruity freshness.

In addition to its terpene profile, the Freak Show has a sativa-dominant flowering cycle. It will produce nice buds in approximately 65 days.

Gorilla Glue

The Gorilla Glue cannabis strain is one of the most talked about strains in the marijuana community. It is a potent indica-dominant hybrid that produces a powerful body buzz. This strain is ideal for treating muscle spasms, insomnia, and chronic pain.

Those looking for a great high should look no further. Gorilla Glue offers a long-lasting, powerful buzz that will leave you stoned for hours.

When it comes to growing the Gorilla Glue cannabis strain, it is important to choose the right conditions. Gorilla Glue is a strain that grows well in indoor settings but will also grow outdoors. To achieve the best results, plants should be grown in moderate temperatures between 68 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Ideally, growers should keep humidity levels between 60 and 60 percent.

The flower buds of the Gorilla Glue cannabis strain have a thick, frosted coating of white crystal trichomes. These trichomes are responsible for the strain’s highly potent effects.

As far as aromas go, Gorilla Glue has a nice, earthy, and sour smell. This is especially noticeable when it is sparked.

Because of its high THC content, the Gorilla Glue cannabis strain is an ideal choice for medicinal use. Some users recommend the strain for sleep disorders, muscle spasms, and nausea.


The hardest cannabis strains to grow often have specific growing requirements or yields that can be difficult to achieve. Generally, landrace sativa strains are harder to cultivate than modern hybrids, and they tend to require a lot of nutrients and space. Getting buds to maturity is also a major challenge.

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In-Fern-Ho is a cannabis variety from Nomad Seed Bank. It was created as a cross between Freakshow and Sensi Durban. This combination offers a unique experience in which the best qualities of both parents are exhibited.

This plant is a sativa cross that features a long flowering time, strong yields, and high THC content. However, it can be a bit unpredictable. Usually, the flowers are tangy, fruity, and can have a 25% THC content.

Its flowering time is 9-10 weeks, and it has a sweet tones and earthy notes. Headband is known for its small popcorn-type buds. While it has a moderate to difficult grow difficulty, it has a high euphoric, soothing effect.

Another well-known landrace sativa is Columbian Gold. From the Santa Marta mountains of Colombia, this plant produces a large stature with long flowering periods. However, it does require a lot of pruning and is quite hard to grow.


If you are a fan of marijuana, you’ll probably have heard of Chemdawg, also known as “Chemdog”. This strain is very popular among medical users and recreational smokers. The plant produces high levels of THC. It is one of the strongest marijuana strains on the planet.

While it is hard to figure out exactly how it came to be, it is known to be a hybrid. The strain is 60% sativa and 40% indica. This hybrid produces a long, compact flower that is often tapered in shape.

This strain is known for its strong smell. Aside from a pungent aroma, it also has a strong diesel scent. Although not the most appealing, it can be a great choice for those looking for a great smelling cannabis strain.

Chemdawg is very effective at stress relief and can provide an intense, cerebral high. In addition to its medicinal benefits, the plant is a favorite of the artistic types in California.

As of today, it is difficult to grow. Despite the difficulties, there are many successful crosses that have been made from the genetics of Chemdog. Some of these include the Star Dawg and the Black Dawg strains.

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